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User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
7 years ago#1
Okay, so we should pool our info on the various companions you can pick up in this game.

Name: Name of the companion
Location: Where they're found
Conditions: Any special conditions that need to be met to hire them
Bonus: What bonuses they give
Item Slots:
Top Left:
Top Right:
Bottom Left:
Bottom Right:

Description: The info the game provides on the character
"I'm the pretty one." - Oghren

User Info: Lord Blade

Lord Blade
7 years ago#2
Name: Agvares

Location: Sheterra (hunter's cave)

Conditions: None

+100% to base attack of:
Forest and Lake Fairies

You can also assign him command of one of your units.
Warriors managed by the demon gain +10 Attack and Defense. In addition, you can also choose an extra ability:
high speed
always counter attack
resistance to fire

Item Slots:
Top Left: Weapon
Top Right: Belt/Gloves
Bottom Left: Armor/Dress
Bottom Right: Artifact

Description: A genteel demon playboy, famous for throwing wild extravagant parties - also an expert duelist.
"I'm the pretty one." - Oghren

User Info: Stabby McGee

Stabby McGee
7 years ago#3
There is an information thread on the official forum:

From the thread:

1. Agvares.
Agvares is an incubus, loved by all women.

Item slots: Weapon, Armor/Dress, Gauntlets/Belt, Artifact
Found where: Sheterra
When dismissed: takes 30 000 gold
Innate traits: Improves the base attack of Dryads, Lake Fairies, Tree Fairies and Demonesses by 100%
Abilities: Troop Control
If you talk to the demon prior to a battle, you will have the option to tell him to control one of your troops. The selected troop gains +10 Attack and Defense, as well as one additional trait:
- +2 speed
- counterstrike - always retaliates
- ignition - sets enemies on fire for 3 rounds
- regeneration - when the troop attacks the enemy, it gains health (the dead units in the stack are not resurrected!)
- fire resistance - the selected troop gains +50% fire resistace for the duration of the fight
- The troop that Agvares will control is in auto-combat mode. You will have no control on it whatsoever, although you can buff it and resurrect fallen soldiers in its ranks.
- after Agvares has taken control is a troop in the previous battle, he gains 100% Mental fatigue. Mental fatigue is reduced by 10-15% after each battle. So in essence, you can use his ability once every 7-10 battles.

2. Gaudi.
Young, aspiring paladin, sworn to fight all evil.

Item slots: Weapon, Armor, Gauntlets/Shield, Regalia
Found where: Nameless island
When dismissed: takes 25% of Amelie's gold
Innate traits: doubles the CURRENT critical hit chance for every troop in your army when attacking demons or undead units. (note: max crit chance is 95%)
Abilities: Training - Gaudi will train Paladins from Knights for 100 gold each and Inquisitors from Priests for 25 gold each.
A friend is just an enemy who doesn't have the guts to kill you.

User Info: Stabby McGee

Stabby McGee
7 years ago#4
3. Jim Crowd.
A young man with now scarred face.

Item slots: Weapon, Armor, Boots, Regalia/Artifact
Found where: Scarlet Wind Island
When dismissed: takes any pirates, sea wolves, marauders, robbers and devilfish from the hero's army.
Innate traits: +1 speed and morale to all pirates, sea wolves, marauders, robbers and devilfish in the hero's army
Abilities: training - he can train robbers to marauders (5 gold each) and pirates to sea wolves (7 gold each)

SPECIAL: Handsome again!
If you find the "Blood of the Goddess" potion (it is guaranteed for sale in Tekron), and talk to Jim and let him use it, all of his scars will disappear (not on the picture though). If this happens, he will gain new abilities and his items slots will be different.

Item slots: Weapon, Armor/Dress, Boots, Artifact
New abilities: +700 leadership

4. Moro Dark (or Moron Dark, direct translation )
A former knight who sold his soul to the dark forces. Fighting evil, he's constantly striving to cleanse his soul.

Item slots: Weapon, Armor, Helm, Belt/Regalia
Found where: Elon
When dismissed: takes nothing, except for any items you've equipped on him
Innate traits: +3 Attack (Hero), +1 Morale to all undead
Abilities: Struggle with the Darkness; Training

- Struggle with the darkness
Mauron Dark has a special parameter, called "Power of Darkness". When he joins, it's at 100%. After each battle, it is modified by:
-5, if there are undead in the enemy army
-4, if there are demons in the enemy army
+2, if there are demons in your army
+1, if there are undead in your army
Each of these modifiers is standalone. So, for example, if there are both demons and undead in your and enemy army, the modifier will decrease by: -5-4+2+1=-6.

When the parameter reaches 0%, you will get a very special and powerful item "Shard of Darkness". When equipped, it improves the Attack of all Black Knights by 10 and grants them the "always retaliates" ability.

Training is based on the current "power of darkness" value.
If it is above 0%, Mauron trains all Skeletons into Skeleton archers (2 gold per unit), and all Knights to Black Knights (50 gold per unit)
If it is 0%, Mauron trains all Swordsmen to Archers (5 gold each) and all Black Knights to Knights (50 gold each)

5. Moldok.
Strong and lazy orc, ready to serve for food.

Item slots: Shield, Weapon/Shield, Belt/Regalia, Artifact
Found where: Uzala, costs 1000 gold to recruit
When dismissed: takes 1000 gold for each day of service (1000 * days he's been with you)
Innate traits: +1 speed and initiative to all orcs
Abilities: Trophy Acquisition
There is a specific counter which improves by 1 or 2 after each battle. It is 0 at start, and when it reaches 15, Moldok will take 50% of the gold your char has received in the last battle. This will infuriate Amelie to such extent, that she will start with full rage the next battle, regardless of her current rage amount. When takes his "share of the spoils of war", the counter resets to 0.
A friend is just an enemy who doesn't have the guts to kill you.

User Info: Stabby McGee

Stabby McGee
7 years ago#5
6. Trigger.
Young and extremely talented mechanic, specializing in optic improvements.

Item slots: Weapon, Helm, Belt/Gauntlets, Boots
Found where: The Big Channel, Tekron
When dismissed: takes 20% of the current gold
Innate traits: improves the critical hit chance of all ranged units by X%
Ranged units are: Skeleton Archer, Archer, Cannoneer, Catapult Goblin, Elf, Hunter, Goblin, Royal Thorn, Thorn Hunter, Alchemic, Cyclops, Beholder, Evil Eye, Droid Mechanic.

X% chance is determined by the current skill level of Trigger and is 10/15/20/25%
Level 1 is granted at start - 10%
Level 2 is granted after 34 battles (3% per battle) - 15%
Level 3 is granted after 50 more battles (2% per battle) - 20%
Level 4 is granted when you give 100 magic crystals to Trigger to further his research - 25%

7. Elenhel.
Elvish sorcerer, who fervently studies the secrets of the arts of magic.

Item slots: Shield/Gauntlets, Dress, Belt/Regalia, Artifact
Found where: Verons
Special: Hero must have 20 or more intellect to persuade him to join you. TIP: 10 current intellect and +10 intellect wanderers scroll combo works.
When dismissed: takes 5000 gold
Innate traits: +4 intellect (hero)
- Mana recharge - when you ask him to, he will fully restore your mana. Recharge time of this ability is 5 battles.
- Wanderers' Scroll Lore - when you recruit him, you can get a "Fortuna's Smile" scroll from him right away. After that for every 30 battles, he will create a new Wanderers' scroll. He will let you know when he's done, and you will be able to take the scroll from him if you talk to him.
IMPORTANT: When Amelie reaches level 40 OR if she's done 10 battles with Elenhel as a companion while she's over level 40, Elenhel will suddenly decided that he's learned enough from Amelie and will ask her to leave. You can either allow hm to leave (he'll take all the equipped items with him) or tell him to stay put or else! If you select the latter, you will fight him. If you win, he will remain your faithful servant forever and will give you 15 mana potions in exchange for his life.
A friend is just an enemy who doesn't have the guts to kill you.

User Info: LordGorbag

7 years ago#6
Also for Jimmy Kraud, if you are really nice to him (as nice as possible) he will give you a nice Shark Tooth.

Shark Tooth (Regalia): +5%xp/+5%Gold per battle.
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