Need help with controller config :(

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User Info: ultimate132

8 years ago#1
Im tryign to configre my gamepad for it to work with trine but the default settings are messed. So I have to do it manually. for example, when im playng the wizard the glow magic thing to use to levitate activates with the right rudder ( pressing right on the second joystick) and theres no option that I can change it with under basic controls such as use, jump etc. Can anyone please tell me how to reconfigure even any advice?

User Info: tehMorag

8 years ago#2
Get Xpadder...

if will make your life much more enjoyable!
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User Info: Zietoun

8 years ago#3
The controls for Trine PC are pretty messed up. If the game could at least detect Xinput (X360 pad for Windows) it would relieve a lot of grief.

One major issue with the settings is that the "Menu Cancel" command is bound to Button 1 (Square / X) by default, so that makes binding that button impossible, since it keeps cancelling out when you press it. You need to bind "Menu Cancel" to something you won't use like Left Stick Click (Button 11), save, exit the game and load it up again, and then you can get to configuring your controls.

Right now I'm using the Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 (which basically looks like a PS3 pad). The controls are essentially the same for most Logitech gamepads. You need to set the controls as follows:

Jump: B2
Use: B3
Inventory: B9
Pause: B10

Break: B1
Conjure: B8
Levitate: B7

Grapple: B1
Normal Arrow: B4
Fire Arrow: B4 (it toggles between the two arrow types)

Attack: B8
Charge: B7
Pickup: B1
Sword: B4
Hammer: B4

Here's the important one, after you click the command just move you right stick in the direction:

Axis X: Throttle (horizontal)
Axis Y: Rudder (vertical)

After you have configured all your controls save, and now you can go back and reset the "Menu Cancel" command to any button you like.

User Info: Zietoun

8 years ago#4
I forgot to mention you need to clear the Previous and Next Weapon buttons (just right click on them) otherwise they will interfere with the Knight's commands. Basically B4 (Triangle / Y) will be you weapon toggle button.

User Info: Zero_kewel

8 years ago#5
which command??

User Info: Zero_kewel

8 years ago#6
using Logitech dual action pad, cant configure to move wizards cursor to target and levitate object, any ideas ??
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