Knight hammer skills

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User Info: Johnnykey

6 years ago#1
I'm surprised this hasn't been asked...

Well, I wanna know EXACTLY what's the Hammer level 2 skill about, WHAT does it DO exactly?

Is it the charge (hold left-click) attack? Or was that attack always available and level 2 just adds lightning bolts to it?

Also, I wanna know what's the level 3 about too (i don't have it yet), since level 2 is already so damn confusing cause I could have sworn the game said 'press secondary attack button' but it does NOTHING.

Well i just finished the game today and I don't like to feel like I missed some content, hate that.

Hope you can help.

User Info: BobT36

6 years ago#2
Yeah it confused me too heh, it said hold middle mouse button to charge? When all that does for me is make the knight actually charge, as in the Strength of the Titans attack.

What I THINK it meant was the hold down left click to hold and release the hammer for more damage and sparklys.
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