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User Info: ANBU_GrimmjowX3

7 years ago#1
I've been thinking what part of Shippuden will Revolution 4 take place, what new characters and stages they'll add, and what new features/modes will be add?

Reasonable answers are appreciated pleez.
These are MY thoughts on new characters:
1. Ino
2. Naruto (4 Tails)
3. Izumo and Kotetsu (They can be like Iruka and Mizuki in CON2)
4. Pre-Time Skip characters for the Konoha 11, Sand Siblings, and Sasuke
5. Iruka (maybe)
6. Konahamaru (maybe the last unlockable character)

User Info: SonicJetWave

7 years ago#2
Maybe a longer storyline. Go to Hidan and Kakuzu Arc.
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User Info: SonicJetWave

7 years ago#3
I meant the storyline should go to Hidan and Kakuzu.
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User Info: wubbynator

7 years ago#4
it will probly take place sai arc and maybe the hidan arc, lol kohmarau
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User Info: HeartOfDog

7 years ago#5
4 player wifi battle, and no lag would all I want.

User Info: XSmashX

7 years ago#6
killer bee arc would be awsome. I vow to main killer bee whenever he comes in the con series b/c I know he will be one of the beastiest characters and the coolest
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User Info: OfficeChair

7 years ago#7
current characters in need of movelist update: chouji, orochimaru, kankuro, kiba

characters that need new specials(even if made up): chouji, shino, kiba, lee, neji, hinata

plot characters: tobi, kotetsu, izumo, 4tk naruto

forgotten essential characters: ino

old characters: haku, zabuza, sound five, third hokage

preview characters: god path, konan, and suigetsu

BTS versions (these three are all you really need): BTS Naruto, BTS Sakura, BTS Sasuke

alternate version characters: BTS chouji (butterfly), anbu itachi, old blood kabuto,

for fun characters: konohamaru, ebisu, obito, kid kakashi, minato, 1st hokage, 2nd hokage

User Info: Blaze_REOB

7 years ago#8
I haven't seen one of these topics in awhile...
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User Info: SlickSlicer

7 years ago#9
I think they've built a good foundation with Revolution 3. In the next title, I think they should build on the game rather than going nuts with new characters. I'd like to see the following areas improved, in order of priority.

1.) Balance
2.) Wifi lag
3.) Story

Expanding on each point a little bit...

Balance-My opinion on this probably isn't all that well developed because I don't have that much experience with the game. That being said, if anybody wants to correct me on some things, feel free.

I'd like them to fix the camera with Kankuro/Chiyo/Kisame with a water clone/Kiba/etc. It's too hectic right now. I saw in previous games that Kankuro could have his puppets out while the camera was still kept in place. I think that should come back.

Some characters need a fix. I'm not really a fan of Kurenai, but at the very least, people should not be able to block her b strings mid-combo (after being hit). That's unnecessarily crippling for her. Tenten needs to have a chain attack that reliably always hits after her combos. It either needs to be longer or it needs to come out faster. It's not fair that on certain large stages, she's unnecessarily crippled because her chain sometimes fails. Temari should probably get slightly faster wind. I wouldn't buff those characters much more than that. Kurenai and Tenten both don't need to be amazing characters. It's just unfair that their combos are needlessly wrecked. Temari should get some buffs, but due to the long range nature of her attacks, they will have to be careful with that. If they buff her too much, she'll be too good.

I wouldn't give many more buffs, just nerfs. Kiba glitch should be removed. Puppets/dogs/whatever shouldn't block people from moving forward. Kankuro's down x sounds a little bit too good from what I've heard. Hiruko's back B needs a nerf and his projectiles need to be deflectable (possibly they should be changed aesthetically too). He's good enough that knocking him down a peg would only help the game. Lee needs a slight nerf. I think that his LNP should just be activated when he's at lower health (perhaps 10%) or something. Kisame water clone should work differently somehow. Perhaps as a counter attack. Orochimaru infinite should be fixed somehow, but I actually think that the gate is fine. You can bait it and predict it.

One of the challenges that comes with balancing an anime game is that they have to take into consideration a character's strengths and new moves in the anime. So, for example, they're going to probably want to give Naruto the Rasenshuriken next time around. Luckily in that case, it will probably just function as a second cutscene special attack or something.

Lag-The lag in this game is pretty bad and really needs a fix. They didn't do a terrible job with the online, but they didn't do a good job either. It took me awhile to fully realize that, but the online experience just isn't the same. I would really like it if they improved the online. While it will never be as good as offline, it should be a lot more playable than it is now.
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User Info: SlickSlicer

7 years ago#10
Story-They have the necessary characters to expand the story. While this is fairly low priority, I think they could do a better job with it.

-They should include more of the minor characters.
-You shouldn't be required to finish with supers or other things, but perhaps you could unlock artwork or additional ryo by doing so.
-Some battles should be unlockable and optional. Perhaps these can be the ones that focus more on the minor characters. For example-Beating Hidan using Shikamaru's super could unlock a battle where you fight Hidan using Asuma. Winning this could lead to unlocking Asuma as a playable character.
-I would like it if you actually had two stories. One focusing on Sasuke and one focusing on Naruto.
-If it's too much, they can always just reduce the cutscenes before each battle. They're all fluff anyways.

New Characters-I don't think they should go nuts with this. It's not necessary. I think they should add 3-4 new characters. My top priorities would be as follows.

Killer Bee
Suigetsu or/and Jugo

These characters are all significant to the plot and deserve priority over others like Konohamaru, Iruka, the Fourth Hokage, pre-time skip characters, and even Ino. Danzo just seems like a must to me. He has a wide variety of techniques and seems to get more and more important as time goes on.

I'd say Ino is last on the priority list.
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