Chapter 11 Boss

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User Info: LesserAngel

7 years ago#1
...I hate this guy and have no ideas, so what am i doing wrong? (I'm Lvl 55 btw)

User Info: youknow12

7 years ago#2

search next time please
there are other topics if this topic doesn't suit your fancy

User Info: CompetitiveEdge

7 years ago#3
Ch.11...Duel on the rainy bridge right? That was a pain.

I beat him with an smg/grenade combo. You can't hit him when he's looking at you, so basically you're going to wanna use maybe 4-5 hero actions to run past him, and rack up consecutive scratch damage.
Then, when he's fully scratched, you use one last hero action to finish him off with a grenade.

That fight is all about timing, and you really can't afford to waste even 1 bezel, so don't miss.

User Info: LesserAngel

7 years ago#4
Thank you for the information, didn't think to search......

User Info: LesserAngel

7 years ago#5
I used a handgun instead of grenade. Works either way.

User Info: KQT

7 years ago#6
I didn't use the walls. I basically ran forwards towards the other exit with a Hero Action and when Zeph runs past Lager by 3-5 steps I'll shoot him.

It ended in 2-3 turns. I realised that not jumping is the key. When I jump, no matter what, he'll teleport. So it's annoying.

User Info: extremegunner

7 years ago#7

This strategy works
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