A note on the charge speed up terminal effect.

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User Info: Azamoth

7 years ago#1
So I was bored and thought or something after finally linking that "double terminal effect" to my cluster of arena terminals. If the max charge speed is roughly 1,000, and the terminal effect of speed x2 is DOUBLED, you would only need 250 charge speed to instantly be at the MAX speed!

So after making the stupidest looking gun ever (no barrel attachments, just scope brackets sticking out of a huge clip with scopes all over the place [I wanted the extra bullets for as much damage as possible]) I got into a fight.

Turns out the charge speed terminal doesn't seem to do squat for your initial charge speed, unlike its name suggests.

So that was kind of a failed experiment. Just thought I should share if anyone else gets the bright idea of trying the same thing.

User Info: MaidenInBlack

7 years ago#2
well having incredible 'max' speed is useless if you can't accelerate...

User Info: Azamoth

7 years ago#3
Well that's the thing though. If you do the math and actually keep track of how the counter moves, speed caps out once you reach like 1000 or something (You don't accelerate past that). If you were there from the start then you wouldn't NEED to accelerate at all.

Though looking at it a bit more it doesn't seem to even be a straight doubling of your acceleration either, or again, I'd be hitting the max a lot faster then I am. I'm really wondering what exactly that terminal effect does.

User Info: Meh1

7 years ago#4
Not sure exactly the effect. But I will say this. I found that my guns charge faster in the arena(charge rate theoretically quadrupled) than when I moved to Neverland with the same setup. So there's definitely some help. But yeah, not nearly at the speed it's written to be.

User Info: Azamoth

7 years ago#5
They do something strange when you stack effects of the same type. If you equip two of an accessory that boosts your defense by 20%, the result comes out to be something like 36%. But 1.2 * 1.2 = 1.44, so you should be getting 44%, or 40% (20% + 20%). But instead you get like, the bonus of the second accessory cut by 20% and THEN added on. I don't get it.

User Info: jivebeaver

7 years ago#6
its a reduction modifier 0.8 x 0.8 = 0.64 = 36% damage reduction

occurs a lot in MMOs to prevent stacking abuse

User Info: Azamoth

7 years ago#7
Ooooohhhhhh.... That makes sense.

User Info: awesomeuno

7 years ago#8
I stay away from that terminal because all terminal effects work for enemies too.
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  3. A note on the charge speed up terminal effect.

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