crystal core?

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User Info: bringwind

7 years ago#1
I saw this part listed as a drop from mad goliath / piledriver giant and i tried to get it to no avail..

I used mc electrifying + rounds to 1 shot the hard middle part which is suppose to be the crystal core drop multiple times but this part still refuse to drop. Currently on chapter 8/9, is it possible to farm crystal cores without using special ammo at end game?

What is crystal core used for?

User Info: TeddieLover

7 years ago#2
For some accessory and 1 quest. It's not really needed other than that to be honest.

User Info: BlackDragon

7 years ago#3
Crystal Cores are a Rare Drop, even if you smash the central part of the giant for a Direct Kill. The surest way of getting it probably is to connect Paterpolis to the Mega Luck terminal on Level 5, and the Double Effect terminal on Level 6. This will take a LOT of colored hexes, but since you'll want to create a supernetwork like that ANYWAY in order to connect it to the Arena, it's really just a matter of running said network a bit further. Then, you can just farm the Mad Goliath in Paterpolis, for a nearly-100%-certain Crystal Core drop.

You can also scratch up that part by getting lucky with a 'Full Scratch Rate' skill, BTW. Effective if you're a cheapskate on special ammo, or if you ust prefer to rock the Dual SMG Mode.
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User Info: bringwind

7 years ago#4
quick question. Does the goliath still show up in higher levels?

i'm currently level 80 and my twin smgs barely dent the middle portion. If i'm unlucky enough to be unable to stun or launch it airborne my twin smg user will just die quick.

I noticed that MC-Electric + rounds does the job fast. but are the parts for this ammo easy to farm?

User Info: Meghiddo

7 years ago#5
You get about 8 accessories that you can dismantle for a crystal core as quest rewards as the game progresses. I just dismantled the heat vest to get a crystal core and complete that quest (in chp 16). Happened to have already found a rare metal shard, which is the other item you need for that quest.
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