trouble doing chapt 10 mission A job to big

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User Info: antoinejones

7 years ago#1
Those piledriver guys are kicking my butt. WIth literally 1 hit I go full to 0 health. SO i have to somehow miraculously beat them without getting hit once? yeah thats gonna happen -_-

My levels and setup are 56-60 with vash using HG and nades, Leanne HG and FIrstAId and Zeph (whos machingun level is the highest) using MG and mag case. Usually when up against somethin like this Id just spam ++ nades (like molotov for example) by th etime ive used them all its hp will be depeleted or at least half depleted and the "burn" status would take care of the rest thenI just end it with one shot. However I dont have many nade now and i lack the materials necessary to craft a bulk of them. My hawkeye maybe only worked 1 outta 10000 times so cant really depend on that, theres two other problems, 1) if i do manage to get considerble scratch damsage on him, he recovers faster than i can line up a direct damage user to shot the correct spot or, if i do get a D user in position hes always smart enough to move the vulnerable

User Info: antoinejones

7 years ago#2
spot while Im charging. Ive watched a vid on youtube... they somehow did it with only TWO characters (but i noticed ther vash had a crapload of molotovs too -_-), ive read archived posts using search... stun locking with my guns isnt 100% dpendinble (if it were Id probably have that 500 hit combo trophy by now lol), I only have 1 smash grenade so that trick isnt an option either. Ive even tied standing right up on him (so that his attack misses) and that doesnt work 100% of the time either, kiting didnt help because although i can get him to follow someone (an dmiss his attack while teyre running) when I try to shot a certain spot with the non kiting character he always seems to know and position himself in a way that i cant shot what i originally wanted too.

speaking of enemies positioning themselves and scrweing me up. Ive been trying to farm scrapped missle tk2 in pateropolis, but I cant destroy its missle laucher because

User Info: magnum7979

7 years ago#3
You tried Gauge Breaking and it wasn't useful? Gauge Breaking is something to slow or prevent their HP Regen so that you have enough time to Convert the Scratch Damage to Direct Damage. It also provide a brief Stun, not those long MG Style Stun, just a simple, brief Stun.

While in Hero Action and your Running, press Square again. This will make your Character to Jump and shoot from above. What this will do is that you will be able to directly deal DD to it's Main HP Bar instead of just one side. Note, if the enemy is covered fully by Armor, which is 360, your Jump Damage won't affect it.

Try equipping your MG User with a Ammo Kit, press Select, choose Armor Piercing Round, Hero Action, Jump, Charge and Shoot. This will take care of any Armor protecting it since your Bullet kinda pierce through it and you deal HP Damage as well.

You could also try not to Hero Action directly Straight, you could move the Cursor around before pressing Square again to start hero Action. Is there any Wall or High Ground in the Area where your fighting the Piledriver? If there is, Hero Jump to that Location.

What this will do is that it will disable Piledriver Shockwave Attack IIRC. You could try equipping your Kiting Character with some HG and spam Charge for Gauge Break.

Kiting Character shouldn't use Hero Action, just let him/her walk to the Safe Distance.

Lastly, do the Arena for the Tutorial. The Guy can be located at the left Counter.

Enemy AI seem to change their Location so that when you shoot them outside Hero Action, it will turn so that when your shooting, your going to be hitting it's Armor HP instead.

Farming enemy that seem to like to change their Position? Gauge Break them then walk to your Desired Position. End that Character Turn. Then Gauge Break the Enemy with your Character Scratch at their Armor.
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