Where can I find (rare metal shard)?

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  3. Where can I find (rare metal shard)?

User Info: Lord_luke

7 years ago#1
I like to add more info to the "Answers" Page about the Rare metal Shards. For the hell of it, I equipped all my characters with "Lucky charms (Item drop rate buff)" And I found a Golden Mimc at random.
Just like to throw that out there. since i am still looking for them damn metal shards
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User Info: 2ndAtomisk

7 years ago#2
If you killed the Golden Mimic then it's location should be in your beastiary.
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User Info: gpo1zephyranthes

7 years ago#3
As I remember, I got one from a Treasure Mimic while farming green hexes near Cranktown.

User Info: squall48632

7 years ago#4
They are located in all Closed Roads. They'll show up very rarely.
You get the Rare Metal Shard from shooting off the gold box around him and not from actually killing him.
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  3. Where can I find (rare metal shard)?

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