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User Info: dragonmere

8 years ago#1
Yeah, pacing is really really slow... Trying to fill those two new chambers you just earned? go get a samwhich. But still, it has a certain charm and playability and addictive quality.

Surprised noones posting at all.

User Info: knucklessonic8

8 years ago#2
Hey dragonmere. ;)
And yeah, I'm surprised also. Been waiting for some impressions on it as I've been looking forward to it since I heard about it. What can you tell me about it?
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User Info: Entomorph

8 years ago#3
I'm loving the game myself. Basically you start with a few ants and earn more via food that you can have them kill, or that you can buy. etc.. you're inside of this tank type deal. so it's kind of like having pet ants that you like to torture and put in death matches against scary bugs.

Oh and the best part? you can LEVEL THEM UP BY TORTURE!

Honestly amazing game, great time killer. I can sit there for hours and just zone out. I'm going to be sad when I finish the 100 missions. though it does seem like that could take a while.
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User Info: knucklessonic8

8 years ago#4
Well there are missions to play after the 100 missions are up. Additional challenges. At least 20 I believe.

Glad to hear you think it's an "amazing game", though!

Would you say it's worth the points?
Any major praises?
How are the graphics?
Is the gameplay executed well, particularly with the level-up system?
Any complaints?
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User Info: papermonkey21

8 years ago#5
Is it worth 700 points? Should I buy it?
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User Info: KiXeL14

8 years ago#6
Lol hey dragonmere and knucklessonic8
this game has also captured my interest, I'm wondering are there any battles that u fight using ants? Or is it all just raising a colony, kinda like a tycoon/strategy game?
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User Info: Fighterkirby

8 years ago#7
Think anyone here can post some videos on Youtube? How are the missions?
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User Info: ramsdawg21

8 years ago#8
I bought it and I would say it is worth seven dollars, the graphics aren't very good and it is very repetitive (i.e beat the bugs, level your ants up, etc...) So yes there are fights against other bugs and the are get harder by the bugs just getting more health and they hurt the ants a little more. but all in all you probably will get addicted and it is very time consuming so i would definitely say get this.
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User Info: Entomorph

8 years ago#9
Sorry for the late reply.

I'd say it's been the most "worth the points" game I've come across since I bought my Wii about a week ago.

However that said, It doesn't take a God of War for me to fall in love with a game. At the moment I'm getting used to some new meds, and I've found a quality in this title to where I can lay down in the living room and just have fun. Every other wiiware title I've bought I've "liked" so far, but I can play for an hour or so, and then I'm ready to go back to either Ant Nation, or some other game.
Granted, I've ONLY played 4 other wiiware titles so far.

I'm honestly just too out of it at the moment. So I'll try to sum things up a bit more from here on out, I'll just make another post after this because of the character limit, I guess you can call that a "mini-review"


I removed my sig even trying to trim down some of the stuff I wrote, too bad I didn't think of splitting it into two posts before.. anyway, here goes.

User Info: Entomorph

8 years ago#10
-Worth the points, So far I've gotten well over 7 hours out of my 7 dollars, and I don't see things slowing down at all. However, I'm playing at a slow pace which this game allows. I'm having fun leveling up my ants, feeding them, waiting for new bugs to drop in for them to go after, etc.

-Graphics seem to more than get the job done for me, though YMMV. You can zoom in on your ants, and they look fairly good. There isn't a lot to the game though, so for this title I just wouldn't expect it to look any better than it does.

-The game play seems VERY well executed to me, in that it allows you to play at your own pace. There's never really a time where you are forced to make your ants hit level 20 in 5 seconds or else you'll be over run by spiders and lose. It reminds me of one of the older sim games where a bad thing can happen from time to time, but you can fix it when you're ready. Then when you're REALLY ready you can start to tackle your main goals. Be they leveling your ants, going after the missions, etc.

As for the leveling up.. That's a bit of a mixed bag to me. You basically torture your ants, and they get stronger. so when you have -oh lets say 600- ants and you want to make sure they can take on some big bug. It CAN be kind of hard to make sure EVERY single ant is at a level you're happy with. You basically end up sucking them all up, dumping them all in one spot, and using the best tool you have at the moment and smashing them until they're blue (burning, blowing up, etc).

Some of your ants will hit the levels you wish all of the other ants were at, and others will always lag behind, but it all evens out because of how many ants you have. during a battle they're GENERALLY smart enough to turn and run back towards the nest if they're going to die. And even during a fight an ant can level up.

-So far, no major complaints at all, and I'm going to mix this with major praises. I honestly feel like I got FAR more.. FAR FAR more than what I paid for. Maybe after I play that "final fantasy hey guys I'm a king now go level up" game I'll come back and go "WOW WHAT AN IDIOT! I SHOULD CHANGE MY MEDS! Argh.. all that time wasted.." Heh, though I highly doubt that will happen. I'm very sick and getting used to my new meds, and I just can't handle sitting up and playing a game like Blazblue or SSF2T:HDR with my friends right now on other consoles. Sometimes however I DO feel like I'm up for something else...

In that case. I can pause the game, save it, and come back RIGHT where I left off, just as an ant was busy chowing down on a spider I just killed.

End Mini-Review-Med-Ramble-Thing.

I hope that was helpful to some of you still looking for a decent write up on this gem. If there's any other questions I'll do my best to answer them. And please remember different people have different opinions on these things.. I have a friend that loves Space Giraffe on XBLA. I honestly think he's hiding the fact that he grows his own mushrooms and can somehow eat them every single day and not grow tolerant.

So hopefully some of the others that are playing this will chime in for you guys. I just really hate to see a game "I'm" getting so much pleasure out of get so ignored because of the lack of words for it around the net. And again, if most of this didn't make as much sense as it should have, I'm VERY sorry. I'm literally taking 10mg of Ativan a day on top of a low dose of Risperdal at night. So I'm VERY out of it, and very sick feeling at the moment.

Anyway, that's my cue to go lay down and play some more Ant Nation until I'm feeling a bit better. Heh, good luck everybody and I really, honestly, hope this post was more than a truck load of mumbling text with no point, and it'll help some of you make the choice that is right for you.
"Congrats on finishing the game. Now get a life!!" -Eiji Nakamura (Chrono Trigger)
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