Can anyone help me with my paladin build?

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  3. Can anyone help me with my paladin build?

User Info: deeman125

8 years ago#1
So far I've been leveling equal STR and SPI. I've also invested points in grace of the crow and restore. Does anyone have suggestions on what to level next or a good paladin build to use as an example?
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User Info: deeman125

8 years ago#2
My Wii number: 4076 9178 5976 9908

User Info: th_loneranger

8 years ago#3
paladin sucks re roll
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User Info: deeman125

8 years ago#4
I've already beat the game with an assassin so now I'm playing as a paladin. Thanks for nothing by the way
My Wii number: 4076 9178 5976 9908

User Info: poqwerty1234

8 years ago#5
I am playing paladin, still on my first game and only level 30 or so. So not sure if my build is any good later. I might reset later, but so far so good.

Since at the beginning nothing seems to hurt you much. I end up putting all stats in strength.
Active skill: 1 heal, 1 heal aura, and 1 of the attack skill (the 500 SP one).
Passive: max increase strength and increase critical chance. a few points in increase critical damage.

At first i plan to go all offense and going to max critical damage. But the recent enemies start to hurt me. Nothing serious yet and the two healing spells can manage. However, i assume it will only get worse, so i might need to increase some defensive passive instead. I will probably increase reduce enemy's critical first. Enemy's critical seems more dangerous, minor damage i can just heal away.

The two healing spells are definitely useful, i use both at the same time, they stack. The attack skill is not bad, but most of the time i just spam normal attack. Maybe when i meet very dangerous enemy that i don't want to get too close to, i might use that.

All strength stat make me hit hard, but i miss often. So maybe it will be more efficient if i increase agi also. However, i plan to try and see if i can just increase strength and nothing else.

Other paladin user please share your experience. Especially which of the attack skills are more useful.

User Info: deeman125

8 years ago#6
My Wii number: 4076 9178 5976 9908

User Info: MushuPork222

8 years ago#7
Ok, this paladin build has gotten me through without any trouble:

Level 38:

Str - 115
Agi - 50
Con - 77
Spi - 60

Active Skills:
Compact slash - 0
Rising slash - 0
Restore - 1
Holy Bless - 4
Soul Impact - 1
Blade Spirit - 1
Blast Boom - 1
Holy Shout - 0

Passive Skills:
Grace of the Crow - 10
Strength of the Bull - 4
Life of the Wolf - 5
Leather of the Bear - 10
Everything else - 0

The passives help damage go down, while increasing my HP (So Restore and Holy Bless heal more), and I use blade spirit as my main offensive skill. More often than not, though, I just rely on physical attacks. As I stand right now, I can handle groups of 2 or 3 monsters 8 levels above me while coming out of the fight with full health. I use Holy Bless as soon as my health starts dropping, and it lasts until I finish off the last enemy, so I would imagine no more points would be necessary in that skill.
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User Info: rpgs_shall_rule

8 years ago#8
No massive AoE is sucky. Warriors get Mateo and assassins get Thunder Storm. All you get is some frontal blast.
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User Info: TheRisingSon

8 years ago#9
Add plenty of points to SPI and beef up your Tear of Orion Passive skill. The Paladin's advantage is the magical sword attacks, use them.
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