Paladin lvling up, need help

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User Info: dillon12200

5 years ago#1
ok so i started playing this game, the other day i messed up and had to restart, i am now playing as a paladin, im 3/4 of the way to where i was, but not as high a level, i need to know whats the best to level on from level like 25, by tommorow ill probly be lvl 30 so go from 25 just to be safe, thanks for the help :D if any1 needs to know how to make money on this game im super good at that, im level 25 with $200,000

User Info: sieg15

5 years ago#2
well to be honest in this game all you can do is buy an exp card and fight monsters with a higher lvl than yours that wont kill you. Just fight guys around lv34 to 35 if you are level 30 like you said. Good luck man.

PS: being a paladin make sure to distribute your stat points well, id do 1 str, 1 con, i spirit per level
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  3. Paladin lvling up, need help

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