Goo and ash piles from energy weapons...

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User Info: mmasich

6 years ago#1
Did they remove them from this game, or at least make them disappear normally over time like bodies?

This was one of the biggest glitches in FO3. The goo/ash piles never went away the entire game, and were tied to that particular spawn. They would pile up at areas that respawn enemies and cause weird glitches when trying to loot them, even saying that you were caught pickpocketing. This would cause loss of karma and in some cases even turn others hostile towards you. They caused lag and other glitches as well.

This glitch alone made the entire class of energy weapons unusable, removing a large part of the game and restricting your choices in weapons. I was stuck using the buggy gauss rifle because it was the only one that didn't leave goo/ash piles- all the others would critical hit too often and clutter the map with 'glitch piles'. It would have been nice to use some of the other lasers and plasma rifles. Very disappointing.

One would think that they would remove a glitch like this, but programmers are rather lazy about such things, and this game uses the same engine, so I have a bad feeling about glitches like this remaining in the next game...

User Info: Sephka_BIight

6 years ago#2
what a silly thing to whine about
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User Info: Armacost

6 years ago#3
I've honestly have never had this problem and I often used energy weapons during my FO3 runs... So I hope they keep them since they look cool and I love incinerating people into Goo/ash piles :D.
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User Info: mmasich

6 years ago#4
"what a silly thing to whine about"

Really? It's 'silly' to not want major glitches like that returning to a game that were never fixed in the last one? I guess all the other people on these boards who 'whine' about glitches are silly, too. Whatever, troll...

As for above poster, I liked disintegrating everything as well- I just didn't like seeing the landscape covered in yellow-green blobs and glitching up the game. I seriously hope they fixed this problem.

User Info: DragonFaced

6 years ago#5
I love energy weapons too, definitely going to specialize in them early on.

I would hope Obsidian fixed the pile problem. Seemed like such a weird oversight.

My first playthrough was mostly with energy weapons and by the 180 hour, I could barely move in some places without the gameplay chugging or outright freezing at the worst possible time in VATS.

Glitches, slowdown and freezing haven't been near as bad as anything I experienced in that playthrough since.
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User Info: lorddrago88

6 years ago#6
I also hope this goo/ash pile glitch gets fixed. Having too many piles would start to slow down areas where you last left.
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User Info: killermudmonkey

6 years ago#7
The piles went away for me, and I've played FO3 for 1000+ hours.
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User Info: tobisagoodboy2

6 years ago#8
my only problem with them was(because I played FO3 on the PC) that I could not revive the NPC I killed without having to manually find the Id code and then put in player.placeatme.
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User Info: NoidMan

6 years ago#9
I think they should make pile-conversion rarer, it got old after a while.

Same thing with heads coming off or gorey deaths in VATS

User Info: B0vril

6 years ago#10
yea, I hate piles.

I have piles.
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