NCR Money

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User Info: CreatorExplode

6 years ago#1
Is there a purpose beyond loot?

User Info: Darth_Rickey

6 years ago#2
you can use it as currency for the casinos
I see a deathclaw, and say FML
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User Info: Fox1012

6 years ago#3
Haha just what I was gonna say. And it's weightless and you can sell it also.
Just think of it like caps you forgot you had.

But I can't imagine in the casino, someone cashing out for NCR money.
Or legion money, I got rid of all mine right away in the casino.
GT: Fox122

User Info: zerobobo

6 years ago#4
its like really valuable pre-war money, same thing with the legion coins.
i got paid for a couple missions with NCR money and paid no attention to it, then i suddenly realized i had 2k caps in NCR bucks, pretty cool

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