Fallout: New Vegas Home/Safehouse Location Mini-Guide *Mini-Spoilers*

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User Info: Mister_Epic

6 years ago#1
The following information was gathered from my Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition Strategy Guide. All credit goes to the author David S.J. Hodgson.

I will now list the homes, location and how to earn them. Please do not post until I am finished and say it is okay to do so. Thank you.

Before we begin; A note of warning: Sadly, there will be some small spoilers that are unavoidable.

Home: Comped Suite
Location: Atomic Wrangler (Casino/Whorehouse in the town of Freeside. It's upstairs on the upper balcony.)

How to earn:
You must initiate and complete the "Debt Collector" quest given to you by Francine Garret, who is usually at the front counter during the day in the Atomic Wrangler. Do the first part of the quest, which requires you to collect debt from three different NPCs (You can go about this in numerous ways) and then do the second part, which requires you to either kill Caleb McCafferty or convince him to simply give you his hat in return for telling Francine that he's dead with a Speech Skill of 40. Return to Francine Garret afterwards and collect your reward, the key to the Comped Suite. (Alternatively, you can kill Caleb McCafferty wherever you see him and loot the key to his room from his corpse.)

Home: Presidential Suite
Location: Lucky 38 Casino

How to earn:
Well let's see... This what the guide says- "This swanky home becomes accessible only after Mr. House grants you access to it during the Main Quest, usually at the end of "Main Quest: You'll Know It When It Happens"."

Side note: Sorry, any more information than that and it'll spoil the Story/Main Quest. This would constitute a MAJOR spoiler rather than a small one. It appears we'll get it during the Main Quest somehow. Also, this home has a fair bit of upgrades available for purchase.

Home: The Tops Presidential Suite
Location: The Tops Casino

How to earn:
Only accessible by elevator with the Presidential Suite Key, which is given out during "Main Quest: Ring-A-Ding Ding" by Benny under certain circumstances.

Home: Ultra-Luxe Penthouse
Location: Ultra-Luxe Casino

How to earn:
Well let's see here, it says... "You must have an appropriate key (As part of the "Side-Quest: Beyond The Beef"), or unlock the elevator manually." (It doesn't say what level of Lockpicking skill is needed.) Someone named Mortimer gives it to you, depending on what choices you make during the side-quest. I'm sure you can either kill him and loot the key from him or attempt to pickpocket it from him. Give it a try either ways.

Home: Guest Suite and/or Sarah's Room
Location: Vault 21

How to earn:
Guest Suite- You can rent it for one night at 20 caps a night or... Succeed at a speech challenge with a Speech Skill of 55 and negotiate a special price for a permanent rental agreement of 10 caps per night. Keep asking nicely about the vault and she'll give you a personal tour.

Sarah's Room- It says something about using "cunning" (Yes, I know what cunning is), but there isn't much information on that. You can also either pickpocket her Passcard to her room or murder her and loot it from her. Beware, as this will severely lower your reputation with the Strip.

Home: Brotherhood Of Steel Safehouse
Location: Brotherhood Of Steel Safehouse (Somewhere on the very northeast part of the map very close to the invisible boundary of the map. It's in rocky terrain near a small band of Fire Geckos. It's an unassuming shack enshrouded in a rock alcove.)

How to earn:
This shack can only be opened if you have the Brotherhood Of Steel Safehouse Key, awarded by the leader of the Brotherhood at the conclusion of "Side Quest: Still In The Dark".

(To be continued in next post. Do not post yet.)
"My Dixie Wrecked." (Say this out loud. ;-P)

User Info: Mister_Epic

6 years ago#2
(Continued from last post.)

Home: Dino Dee-Lite Rental Room
Location: Novac

How to earn: This is only accessible once you pay Jeannie May Crawford 100 caps and she gives you the Dino Dee-Lite Room Key. You can make yourself at home here and return as often as you like.

Home: Caesar's Legion Safehouse
Location: Caesar's Legion Safehouse (Directly in the south part of the map in the middle, all the way at the end. As with the Brotherhood Safehouse, this will be near the map boundary. It's near a small hill and a rock where Bighorners are grazing. The safehouse has a campfire outside.)

How to earn: You need to get a key that is usually awarded to you in and from a location called "The Fort".

T-T-T-T-T-That's all, folks! You may now post.

P.S.: I know, this could've been a little more detailed and better-written, but this will have to do for now. Enjoy.
"My Dixie Wrecked." (Say this out loud. ;-P)

User Info: MarioLink77

6 years ago#3
cool but i dont want to try some of these because there kind of vague descriptions that will probably end up wasting my time
candlejack is a pretty cool guy, eh kidnaps peo-

User Info: Mister_Epic

6 years ago#4

From: MarioLink77 | #003
cool but i dont want to try some of these because there kind of vague descriptions that will probably end up wasting my time

That is why you search for a map online. There should be one readily available. Especially since someone leaked it a while back. Just search Planet Fallout, Fallout Wiki, Nexus, etc. Google helps too. One way or another, I'm sure you will find the map.

Besides, others have asked for this in one of my topics and I am obliging.

But those are the exact locations and name of the locations straight from the guide and they are all correct. I admit that the descriptions could've been better, but most of it is left up to the player. It's up to YOU to go about it the way you want and fill in the blanks.

I've given you a starting point and helping hand.

You're welcome.
"My Dixie Wrecked." (Say this out loud. ;-P)

User Info: Mister_Epic

6 years ago#5
Oh well... I tried!

A little thanks would've been nice, but eh... -_-'

Well lads/lasses... Enjoy!

I'll be closing this soon if no one has anything to add or information to share.

Remember that you can always track this topic or find it again by searching for any one of the words in this topic title. Take it easy.
"My Dixie Wrecked." (Say this out loud. ;-P)

User Info: DandimLee

6 years ago#6
If your reputation is high in Novak (after the rocket thing), she'll let you rent the motel room for free

User Info: apookgnik

6 years ago#7
There are 2 more safehouses you can get.

Followers Safehouse-you get this from the Followers of the Apocalypse at the Old Mormon.

NCR Ranger Safehouse-you get this from the NCR at Camp McCarran.

User Info: telada

6 years ago#8
If you do the quests in novac you will get the room for free without having to pay anything. The novac motel room is the best safe house as there is only 2 loading screens to get into it when you fast travel and there are merchants/traders outside your door.

User Info: Mister_Epic

6 years ago#9
Sorry for the missed homes. I was flipping through the guide frantically for all the information.

This guide honestly isn't very convenient compared to our GameFAQs guides where all it takes is "Ctrl+F" to find what you want.

If you guys want me to go through any side or free quests required to get the above-named homes, the just ask and I'll look through it and post in this topic or another. Either ways, at list we have a solid list and names of homes and locations where they are.
"My Dixie Wrecked." (Say this out loud. ;-P)

User Info: HollowPinky

6 years ago#10
Thank you very much for the information
June 18 2007
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