NCR or Caesar's Legion?

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User Info: Flamemachedi

7 years ago#1

I started New Vegas with the full intention of being the good guy who helps people out, but after playing for a couple hours I found out the NCR is a bunch of douches. After seeing what happened at Nipton, for some reason I like the Legion. They get business done and they don't waste time.

The only reason I'm on the NCR side is because they seem better funded and so might have better shops and traders when compared to a bunch of slavers. So which is a better side to be on in your opinion?

User Info: HighOnPhazon

7 years ago#2
Yeah, because crucifying people isn't "douchey"

If you think the NCR are douches and the Legion is "alright' then you have interesting morals.

But anyway, you obviously are "Chaotic Evil" so go with the Legion.

User Info: 13u11et

7 years ago#3
I'm good with the NCR and neutral with the legion
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User Info: almasbaby

7 years ago#4
I'm with NCR because Cass is.

User Info: cornwell_123

7 years ago#5
how do you get good wih the NCR with out having the legion hate you. doing NCR quest makes you kill a bunch of them. I still dont get how this rating system works with the factions because i do so many quest for the NCR and they like me, and then later on they go back to neutral???
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User Info: Melfice13

7 years ago#6
Same as Almas
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User Info: Criiimson

7 years ago#7
ceasars legion is more fun imo.

User Info: SnickersThePony

7 years ago#8
I WAS leaning towards the Legion, till I walked into the town hall and a bunch of their dogs ripped apart my limbs and I stepped on a bunch of their landmines. Hardcore FTW.

Still, I appreciated them stringing up those there PG bastards. Made it really easier for pickin out their brains
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User Info: AndyKennedy

7 years ago#9
I know what you mean in nipton, their leader made a convincing case for the legion. Everybody just tried to save their own asses instead of helping their neighbors, etc...

*level up*

User Info: DJCBlanka

7 years ago#10
Im still winning back the ncr after my early game mishaps.

But i would choose them.

Caesars legion is so douchey and they seem so out of place but at the same time they work. I guess what i mean is i wouldnt ever side with them over the ncr. Although im siding with house who scolded me because i cant protect the president because i am bad.

Also i lol when i get bad rep with the powder gangers now. Its so funny.
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