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User Info: jhayze018

6 years ago#1
Location : New Vegas Clinic (east of Crimson Caravan)

Notes :
1* there are a total of "9" implants (1 for each stats and 2 special perks)
2* you can only get a total of "7" implants (i experimented this with the EXP and CAPS glitch, and reach the clinic fast with an Endurance of 9, and i can only get a total of 7 implants)
3* the total stat of your 'Endurance' is the total number of implants you could get (ex. END 5 = 5 implants)
4* the 'Endurance Implant' doesn't add up on your total number of implants (pls. read *3*)
5* the 'Intense Training +1 END' perk can give you an extra implant (but be still noticed about *2*)

Strength Implant -- STR+1 -- 4,000caps
Perception Implant -- PER+1 -- 4,000caps
Endurance Implant -- END+1 -- 4,000caps
Charisma Implant -- CHR+1 -- 4,000caps
Intelligence Implant -- INT+1 -- 4,000caps
Agility Implant -- AGL+1 -- 4,000caps
Luck Implant -- LCK+1 -- 4,000caps
Sub-Dermal Armor Implant -- DT+4 -- 8,000caps
?Monocyte Breeder Implant? -- Regenerates 1HP every 3sec -- 12,000caps

Sub-Dermal Armor Implant : (Damage Threshold +4)
*melee character build then this implant is must have*
*if you have the 'Kamikaze' trait then this implant 'could be' useful*
*if you are planing later on or soon with a character build using heavy armor (power armor,etc.) then this implant 'could be' useless*

?Monocyte Breeder Implant? : (Regen 1HP every 3sec)
*very easy-normal difficulty setting then this implant is totally useless*
*hard-very hard difficulty setting then maybe this implant 'could be' useful*
*hardcore difficulty setting then this implant is a must have*

...*if u reach the New Vegas Clinic early in the game and have a lot of caps saved, then i recommend and suggest u get the 'Intelligence Implant' is a must, but if you are using the EXP and CAPS glitch then i guess you should just go with your character build*...

...all in all a 5-6 Endurance is a good set on stats and number of implants, and for implants choice really depends on your character build.

hope this helps!

User Info: kpearwut

6 years ago#2
are you sure you can only get 7? why is everyone saying you can get all 9?

User Info: Fox1012

6 years ago#3
We need more posts like this.

I think it'd be great if there was a big FAQ sticky.

Although instead of saying this, I should make it, but...
GT: Fox122

User Info: Fox1012

6 years ago#4
Also, I still think it's funny that you can get a "luck" implant.

Like I get that you could somehow modify your body to be stronger...but luck?
GT: Fox122

User Info: kpearwut

6 years ago#5
OP, can you answer my question?

User Info: G-Scythe

6 years ago#6
"Also, I still think it's funny that you can get a "luck" implant.

Like I get that you could somehow modify your body to be stronger...but luck?"

Lol, i could just imagine them nailing a lucky horseshoe somewhere on your body.

User Info: Ouranus

6 years ago#7
Nope I just got all of the implants and I have 9 endurance. I'm not sure why you think or are only to get 7 implants with 9 endurance jhayze018.
GT: Anethos
PSN: Nevost

User Info: jhayze018

6 years ago#8

with all that EXP and CAPS glitch tricks out there, i was trying to experiment with different character builds for fun, and the first thing i tried to know is if its possible to get the whole '9 Implants', i skipped Novac and Boulder City and went straight to the New Vegas Clinic with an Endurance of 9 (S/7,P/5,E/9,C/1,I/5,A/8,L/6) , so i got all the stats implants (7 of them SPECIAL) and when i was trying to get the other 2 special implants , the doctor says my body cant handle it anymore implants , and there was 'no message on the top left' saying about endurance or implants , so thus i only get a total of 7 implants!

on my original character , i have an endurance of 5 only , got 5 implants , and when i try to get more there a message on the top left of the screen saying about needing more endurance!

and on the fallout wikia forum and no mutants allowed forum , most of the people are saying they also got 7 implants only and lesser people saying they got the whole 9 implants?

im playing on a ps3 and normal difficulty setting, and i just realized now that im on the xbox360 section! LOL

User Info: minimang123

6 years ago#9
perhaps the 7 implants only was pre-patch.

Question for confirmation on only 7 implants.

Also, do they count towards perk requirements?

User Info: spook2517

6 years ago#10
I have all 9 implants and no patch. Xbox 360. I also took 9 endurance from the start.

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