Sheriff Duster Repair Question

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User Info: Atemisc

7 years ago#1
I found the Sheriff Duster in Primm and was happy to have found it because that's all I ever wore in Fallout 3. But after a while, it broke. I was just gonna' keep wearing it,but there was a moment where all of my clothes and items were taken. So when I got my stuff back, obviously I couldn't put it back on. I found a random duster later on, but I couldn't use it to repair the Sheriff one. And I can't find anyone else to repair clothes either. Is there any way to repair the Sheriff Duster?

User Info: zX_Haloman_Xz

7 years ago#2
Travel to the NCR Mojave Outpost by Nipton.

Go into the barracks and talk to Major Knight, he will repair your items for a cost, to 100%.
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User Info: Atemisc

7 years ago#3
He's only offering to fix my guns. I also found him in the main building at the desk instead of the barracks. Is there a certain time of the day when he heads into the barracks and offers to fix clothes, or is he going to stay in this same spot and only fix guns?

User Info: jag_fanwsu

7 years ago#4
Where in Primm did you find the sheriffs duster?
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User Info: simonbelmont2

7 years ago#5
Yeah, where did you find it? I was in Primm but I never saw the duster.
Adversity introduces a man to himself.

User Info: ohmss2586

7 years ago#6
It's in the old sheriff's house on the floor. I'm having the same problem with repairing it too sadly.

User Info: srh-kingspade

7 years ago#7
The wiki says that the Sheriff's Duster is inside the sheriff's office.

User Info: Atemisc

7 years ago#8
Just go in the Sheriff's Office (To the right when you enter the actual town) and look in the bedroom. It's laying at the foot of the bed, along with the Sheriff's hat.

User Info: CantDoPilates

7 years ago#9
From what I can tell no one will repair items that don't have DT.

I'm able to repair my Bounty Hunter Duster but not my Sheriff's Duster and the only difference between the two is the BHD has a possibility of having 6 DT while the SD has no DT... and a star... not that it matters.
I may not have a solution but I admire the problem.

User Info: Atemisc

7 years ago#10
So in other words, I shouldn't get too attached to my Sheriff Duster? -__-
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