Suddenly locked out of the Strip? Help.

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User Info: itsanerika

7 years ago#1
For some reason I am suddenly locked out of the Strip, and I was wondering if someone could just tell me if it's a glitch or what. The last quest I finished was Boone's side quest, and I also recently reached the "path of no return" but chose to go back and finish some quests before completing the game. Now all of a sudden it says that the Strip North Gate "Requires Key". Anyone else have this problem?

User Info: xRDWGx

7 years ago#2
i heard someone else say they had the same problem and that they were waiting for the game to get a new patch b/c it was a bug or something....havent got that far yet but im not lookin forward to it now.

my guess is search these message boards to see if you can come up w/ a solution dude.

User Info: Bacon_Man2009

7 years ago#3
kill one of the bots at the gate they have keys

User Info: Bqad86

7 years ago#4
I had that problem too. May be your rep w. the stip is low. Just take the monorail in Camp Mccaren to get back in....unless you......*Spoilers*

Blow it up for ceaser's agent in NCR.

User Info: Irvine Tomoe

Irvine Tomoe
7 years ago#5
Two fixes for this; take the monorail from Camp McCarren OR kill a Securitron outside the gate for the key.

Each has a sub-issue; the monorail MAY be destroyed in your game. Additionally, if you have a low NCR rep, they won't let you on UNLESS you wear NCR clothing.

The Securitrons will attack you, but if you snipe from an extremely far distance and no one sees you, you will not make them mad, or so I have heard.

Once you get around the locked gate once, it should unlock the next time you come out of it. It did for me, anyway.
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User Info: itsanerika

7 years ago#6
Oh that's a good idea, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the help everyone :)
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  3. Suddenly locked out of the Strip? Help.

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