I just need one sensor module!

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User Info: MtHeartAttack

7 years ago#1
...and I can't find one or purchase one anywhere.
Anyone know where I can find a sensor module early in the game? I've traveled from Goodsprings to Nipton, and haven't found a second one yet.
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User Info: GaMeR_JeNn

7 years ago#2
Fire Hose cases mate. i think there was one in the hotel in Primm (in a fire hose case). not certain though so don't quote me.

basically check every Fire Hose case you see, sensor module + nozzle

User Info: Dagoth_Wit

7 years ago#3
Lonewolf radio(I think that's what it's called E/SE of Primm. It's a little trailer with radio equipment. There should be a couple in there.
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User Info: GOLDenDenMushi

7 years ago#4
^ Awesome! There are in fact two sensor modules at Lone Wolf Radio.

But it's actually NW of Primm (SW of Goodsprings Source).
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User Info: Dagoth_Wit

7 years ago#5
You're right. Sorry about that. I was thinking about it's position as if I'm facing Primm from the north. I should never captain a boat.
Gamertag: Dagoth Wit
Number 1 assassin in Playoff Blitz

User Info: alderpreet

7 years ago#6
not sure if you already grabbed it, but there is one on a shelf in the trailer on the north end of goodsprings.

User Info: IPHDTD

7 years ago#7
I ended up finding some in the NCRCF in one of the cell blocks. I needed one more to fix ED-E and took about 45 minutes to track down.

User Info: ryansv

7 years ago#8
I found 2 Sensor Modules in a Toolbox in the Sheriff's Office in Primm, due North of the Town Halll/Casino.

User Info: Gurn Blanston

Gurn Blanston
7 years ago#9
Gas station in Novac, but you have to steal it.
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User Info: blutoblutarskyX

7 years ago#10
The game screws you over on what you need I think. I need surgical tubing and am not getting the last one. Used to sell em before I found out about the mass purified water campfire option. Now I hoard glass pitchers and pressure cookers and dirty waters
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  3. I just need one sensor module!

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