What guns use the .45-70 Gov't rounds?

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  3. What guns use the .45-70 Gov't rounds?

User Info: BathwaterBaby

6 years ago#1
My husband would like to know if there are any other weapons than the Hunting Pistol that use .45-70 Gov't rounds. So far he's not been able to find any other weapons that use these rounds.

User Info: Pain_king

6 years ago#2
Ranger sequoia

User Info: vude

6 years ago#3
Brush Gun.
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User Info: xCarn4g3x

6 years ago#4
Brush gun, Hunting Revolver, and Ranger Sequioa are the only guns that use it.
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User Info: BathwaterBaby

6 years ago#5
Thank you!

User Info: Wildcat_ZerO

6 years ago#6
But they are all awesome guns and worth using if you can find the ammo.
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User Info: cosmictraveler

6 years ago#7
The ammo is VERY rare though, the best places to get it is NCR bases taken with scrounger perk.

You can buy hollow points for it, shoot them off and use a loading bench to make normal rounds. If you need loads of rifle powder break down the 20Ga. ammo or the 5mm unless you use a minigun.
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  3. What guns use the .45-70 Gov't rounds?

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