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User Info: _Don_Quixote_

6 years ago#1
I'm starting a new character and I would like to make it a Caesar's Legion character. CAn any give me some hints, or direct me to a FAQ or a wiki or something like that? I've searched quickly and didn't really find anything.

I'm assuming I want to be a bad character with high melee skill. What else?

Thanks for the help.

User Info: Captain_Lasagna

6 years ago#2
Your faction choice rarely has any effect on the usefulness of your build. The only thing worth mentioning is that siding with House or the Legion will result in you having to kill the BoS. So yeah, for a Legion character, the only thing really worth mentioning is that you're probably better off without using energy weapons.
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User Info: Corruption_Vash

6 years ago#3
If you're going for roleplay, take on the part of a badass Legionnaire or a Frumentarius.

For Legionnaire, kill anything and everything that even resembles the NCR.

Frumentarius, get a good rep with NCR and hack away at it's core from the inside. This is my preferred choice.
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User Info: nagacorn

6 years ago#4
I preferred my Legion character as well intentioned but misguided good guy, an idealistic believer of Caesar's ideas about hegelian dialectics, enlightened dictatorship and cultural unification. Sort of the like the college student who takes a few classes and thinks they now everything about government (Caesar himself is sort of a educated student turned god-king thanks his book learned knowledge of weapons, tactics and government). This sort of character works well as the frumentari type legion character and isn't limited to acting like a thug moron all the time.

As a bad guy its more interesting to work House or Yes-Man, they let you have much more freedom to do whatever you want, as they don't care so much about law and order as long as it doesn't interfere with what they are trying to do, so you can take drugs, rob and murder people all you want for the most part, the sort of things that would get you crucified by the legion.

User Info: ChunkyKongClan

6 years ago#5
^Well said, siding with Caesar does limit being a "bad-guy" however I wouldnt consider doing drugs in themselves an "evil/very evil" thing.
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