Fallout 4 announced, and possible hint at the setting?

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User Info: questionman50

6 years ago#1


(Some people may have seen my post similar to this, but I will make more sense of it)

An important figure of Bethesda, Jason Bergman, said "You'll get no tips from me. But the Mojave was a fun place to explore, wasn't it?"

The Mojave comment is a bit boggling. Some people say it is nothing, and think it was just an off handed comment saying Fallout New Vegas was fun. I believe he is saying we may catch another glimpse at vegas or the surrounding area.

I know some people will say that the same location would be awful, but I am all for it. Most people know that I feel Obsidian cheated Nevada, because they made the thing a complete dirt bowl, even though the old girl has lots of city. So I would like to see what a good team like Bethesda with their new game engine, could do to Vegas

User Info: KnuxtheTurtle

6 years ago#2
Didn't you just make a topic like this?
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User Info: HolyGigo

6 years ago#3
Are you from Nevada or something? Who cares if they didn't represent the state accurately... it's over 200 years in the future of an alternate universe.

Since you posted the same topic, I'll say it again: No way in hell am I buying another Fallout game that takes place in the desert.
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User Info: pillerofautumn

6 years ago#4
This one is better than the original

User Info: jakezing33

6 years ago#5
"they cheated nevada"

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User Info: pillerofautumn

6 years ago#6
Almost same time post. You're so late

User Info: Cheesy_Pie

6 years ago#7
How is this topic better than the original? It's the exact same. TC believes it will take place in the Mojave again. People will refute his original post or agree with it. Furthermore, add to the fact that it will have a drone of "Didn't you just make this topic?" comments.
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User Info: HatchetHound

6 years ago#8
Stop it.
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User Info: Laughing_Grass

6 years ago#9
I'm not a big fan of the Nevada setting, I'd like to see New York.
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User Info: HaywoodJBM

6 years ago#10
^Wasn't New York nuked the **** out. I know DC was also, but I heard that New York is just a big crater. Well, thats still more interesting than a desert. I for one hope they do possibly someplace around Chicago or Florida.
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