Strong/overpowered character builds???

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User Info: teeebz

6 years ago#1
Are there any character builds that end up being OP? I remember playing Fo3 and reading up on what good builds were and remember reading to make INT a 9, then head over to get the INT book or whatever as soon as possible to increase your stats every time you leveled. I played the heck out of FO3 and might pick up NV today.
I dont really remember my stats but i do remember making my INT high and always using the speech in convos. I also remember using the chinese assault rifle a lot and the plasma rifle. I never use unarmed and i dont play a sneaky character. Any suggestions? THANKS!

User Info: jreed1337

6 years ago#2
put your intelligence at 10, by level 30 any character is OP. by 40 its just
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User Info: Pyrogoat

6 years ago#3
Depends on your definition of "overpowered" I suppose.
This game is better balanced than FO3... just about any build you made was invincible by level 30 in FO3.

I've got a build that is very high damage output and can use any type of firearm, explosive or energy weapon very effectively. But I'm not sure I'd call it over-powered.

Having great skills is no longer an issue for any build thanks to a level 40 cap with DLC (soon to be 50), you should never need a high intelligence, so really perks and gear are the primary concerns.

User Info: RyoKaiba

6 years ago#4
If we're talking about strictly combat, then any long ranged build with some melee/unarmed back-up, you can pretty much snuff anything by the time you reach epic levels (level 30+). Add in some Science and Survival, or even Sneak, and you can pretty much cover all bases and do extra damage to anything.

User Info: Vegetall

6 years ago#5
basically any build can be OP, and it doesn't really even take a guide to do it....

if you max guns... guess what use a gun with high DPS/Damg.... same goes for every other stat....

every offensive stat has a weapon that by lvl cap is ridiculous and even reg weapons make it easy

the right perks def add to the OP'ness, but i took alot of more passive survival perks then gun or energy and i still can one shot just about anything... i was One shotting Giant Yuo Gai's in the DLC with modded sniper and 100 in guns...

i dunno, i find it hard UNLESS your trying to make a character non OP to even do it... i mean it would just mean maxing everything but a offensive skill.. just keep unarmed/guns/energy/melee/explosives at 20 or so....

...end of pointless rant

User Info: MosebysRangers

6 years ago#6
I agree with previous posters. Eventually by the time you get to level 30 you are going to be overpowered and if you do the DLC really over powered by level 40. Just the way most RPG style games go. They start you out low/weak/poorly armed. Than by end game you've become a super hero killing machine. Just an opinion./

User Info: quadruplesword

6 years ago#7
Really, any character build is invincible by level cap. Don't listen to the people who whine about melee and unarmed being overpowered, because they aren't. A Guns or Energy Weapons build can be just as devastating by end game as an Unarmed or Melee build.
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User Info: foodeater4

6 years ago#8
The main difference is FO3 gave you a perk every level. FONV you only get perks every other level.

As far as your skills go, even by the time your close to 20 youll be damn powerful. Youll be able to trash any normal bad guys, but there still will be some tough things out there like deathclaws. Thats enough to have 3-4 skills close to max depending on how you distribute your points. Then of course by 30 your rocking.

FONV is a lot more balanced though. As you can play the game, and talk to people, theres a much bigger variety of skill checks that pop up in this game that you can use to solve problems with. Also melee builds are more viable in FONV.

I never really had much incentive FO3 to go for anything besides some short of shooting combat build.
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User Info: echotstud

6 years ago#9
start off using the mantis foreleg glitch right out a good springs to get 38 perks and your int at 10 to max out most of your stats. then find most of the remaining skill books to max out your other stats. now you have the ultimate build with 100 in every stat and 38 perks.
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