Tips for going into Old World Blues?

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User Info: KenshiroX

5 years ago#1
I hear bring Energy weapons if you're specced for them, leave most bullet-firing guns at home?

User Info: jobless_lackey

5 years ago#2
have a high energy wep skill and bring a good set of armor and make sure to have enough free space to carry some of the cool stuff you find along the way
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User Info: ghosta2

5 years ago#3
if your going to bring a gun bring something that fires .44 or .357 as those are the only amo type that spawn all other amo types spawn maybe 1/10 of the time and then it's only 20 rounds. for energy weapons you will find lots of small energy cells and MF but the energy weapons you get doesn't burn through them too quickly so you can convert them to what ever you need.

I however would only bring

lots of .44, .357, and a couple hundred .308 rounds
50mfc and 50 SEC
the pulse gun and paladin toaster if you have either
lots of caps
HH ingredients

w/ jurry rigging Light armor
w/o jurry rigging any armor you don't mind scrapping after it's trashed
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User Info: Rampagingwalrus

5 years ago#4
If you bring a gun, or explosive weapon... bring ammo. Lots and lots of ammo.

Enemies are everywhere!
Yes, yes... hence my advising him to bring ammo... now shut up.
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User Info: Wandrian

5 years ago#5
Pulse Gun uses a lot of SECs, but it's very handy against Roboscorpions and other high-class robots you'll be facing.

You could also try working with crap you salvage from Lobotomites and Y-17 Trauma Override Harnesses. Lobotomites may carry Brush Guns, Hunting Shotguns, .44 magnums, Super Sledges, and Saturnite Power Fists while the Trauma Harnesses carry a variety of Energy Weapons that scale to your level ranging from generic Laser Pistols to Gauss Rifles and Shishkebabs.

In case the dialogue doesn't tip you off to it, you'll be much better off exploring the entire Big MT area than leaving any of that awesome loot out there longer than needed. You're always free to return and all, but why wait? SCIENCE! can be put on hold while you nab a fancy latex glove? Sure, why not?

User Info: RaccoonCity

5 years ago#6
Lots of ammo and patience.

User Info: Zelkovasan

5 years ago#7
dont touch the sonic emmiter until it has been heavily cleaned...
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User Info: VortexContinuum

5 years ago#8
Find yourself a Proton Axe and use it exclusively against the Scorpions. The melee ones are stunned enough not to hit you, and the ranged ones can be easily countered by strafing left and right while approaching.
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  3. Tips for going into Old World Blues?

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