Should I get Dead Money or Lonesome Road?

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User Info: ty1098

5 years ago#1
I have 3200 points but I only want one DLC, and I've gotten the other two. I liked HH better then OWB (guns character), so based on this should I get DM or LR? Or is it worth it to get both?
No spoilers, but what's the general loot, atmosphere, and plot of both? And what's your recommendation?
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User Info: BattleMonkey123

5 years ago#2
If you can only pick one, I would go with LR. I really liked HH. I also play a guns character, but I liked the HH story about the burned man.

DM puts the player like a rat in a (deadly) maze. It is dark, forboding, and favors a methodical approach. It ties in with OWB and companion Veronica. An energy weapon is (IMO) the big reward. You can't return once you leave.

LR is a mostly linear, but story-wise explains how you came to get a bullet in your head and also ties in with OWB. It is moody and nihilistic. An explosives weapon (IMO) is the big reward, as well as a SPECIAL point. You can return anytime.


5 years ago#3
OWB is ALOT more fun to play, however the rewards from it are pretty mediocre unless you're an explosives-based character. Satchel Charges and the new "rocket" launcher are pretty amazing.

Dead Money is a SLOW, BORING, TEDIOUS, pain-in-the-ass of an unfun playthrough unless you're one of those people who ENJOYS stuff like hardcore mode. If you're a casual player it will bore you to death, especially since the whole thing basically forces you to fight unarmed or melee against the same bland uninteresting zombie-esque enemies over and over after you waste your first 20 holorifle shots with new supplies being extremely rare and/or useless...
However the reward for Dead Money is the best out of ALL the DLCs. If you find all the vending machine codes and go through the effort of winning 7,500 chips at the Siera Madre (this brings your token reward up from 100 every three days to 1,100) you'll basically have an unlimited supply of repair kits, stimpacks, .308 ammunition (and by relation, lead, rifle powder, and large primers), and some of the rarer chems like steady. The Energy Weapon reward for completing the DLC, when fully upgraded, is probably one of the best all-around energy weapons in the game as well. It's got good range, good damage, and a scope. While it doesn't quite have the kick of the guass rifle, it uses less ammo and doesn't have a lengthy reload after every shot.
If you do choose Dead Money though, be sure to claim all your rewards before you leave, because there's no coming back (although you will have acess to a vending machine and get 100 (or 1,100) free tokens every 3 days back at a bunker in the Mojave.)

User Info: bloodshed17

5 years ago#4

DM also gives you the B.A.R. which is a beast. Also depending on how you end it, possibly over 350k. LR gets you some nice Ranger looking armor, a few different kinds and a sort of weird machine gun that I personally did not really care for. 

Personally I did not mind DM because it kind of played like a survival horror throwing you in a city with nothing forcing you to explore for weapons, food and medical supplies. The story is not that bad either.

User Info: exodiark

5 years ago#5
I presume you like HH because of its game world? If yes, then you'll probably like Lonesome Road better.

Both HH and LR has unique, mostly outdoor environment. However, LR is a linear trip (hence the word "road" in the title), and like HH you can go back and sightsee whenever you wish.

User Info: Irvine Tomoe

Irvine Tomoe
5 years ago#6
Dead Money is the polar opposite of Old World Blues in terms of powerful new equipment and rewards. There is one high endish armor, and a debatably powerful gun or two, but thats about it. Almost everything else is comparable to other equipment, or is bad and just meant to tie you over, since you can't bring anything to Dead Money. Its entire concept is story-telling, atmosphere, and a DRAMATIC change in gameplay pacing, as opposed to the all other vanilla and DLC segments of Fallout 3 and NV. Lots of traps and strategy is involved, in a kind of wannabe Portal effect. In my opinion, it introduced more new environments, flavor objects, and decorations than any other single DLC between both games, which is, in my opinion, its greatest benefit. However, it has virtually no reward upon completion, so if you expect a prize, ala Honest Hearts, you will get the exact opposite. Dead Money offers what I would consider to be the biggest change of pace from the standard Bethesda Fallout experience. It has a very interesting story to tell, but struggling through this story was very frustrating for many people.

Lonesome Road's perspective on story-telling is less about environment, and more about dialogue. Unlike DM, which has difficulty through auto-death traps, lack of resources, and poison gas, LR has dramatically overpowered enemies running rampant, which is its primary source of challenge. Whether this is good or not is up to you; some people like challenge. I thought it was a little absurd, as the Death Claws and Marked Men enemies would take 3-5 Anti-Materiel M handloaded rounds to kill, often to the head. To put this into perspective, I killed the Legendary Deathclaw with a single sneak crit shot using the same build and weaponry. Lonesome Road has a lot more new equipment, primarily guns, but it has a few armors as well. I also found LR to be a massive source of caps; simply by selling all the loot I got in my playthrough, I made 180,000 caps. Lonesome Road, to me, felt like it was a chance to "resolve" a few bits of storyline that didn't make the cut. The ED-E companion, which is confusingly NOT the ED-E of the main game, feels like it has all the personality that ED-E classic SHOULD have. Basically, if this was how ED-E had always been, it would have been a vastly improved companion. I did not find it, overall, to be a powerful storytelling experience, except at the very end.

In my take home message? Dead Money is possibly one of the least fun and gameplay rewarding DLCs yet, but it had a very special feel to it, I can't put my finger on it, that really made it powerful. If you don't appreciate indepth history, it has very little to offer. Compounded by the fact that you cannot bring ANYTHING with you, you cannot leave, and you cannot return once you finish, it makes things frustrating. Lonesome Road has a more straightforward, gameplay rewarding experience, with a lot more forgiveness for enjoying things at your pace (you can leave whenever you want, and come back as well.) Its story is not bad either. Lonesome Road probably for the more casual gamer.
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User Info: jakezing33

5 years ago#7
why are we discussing owb in a topic about DM and LR?

he already has the damned thing anyways.

as for this; LR, it does more for story unless you feel like finishing up the BoS sideplot about Elijah.
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User Info: gesthal84

5 years ago#8
Never understood why people talk down on DM 'rewards.' You get the most OP energy weapon, some BA-looking light armor, and a machine that can give you 55 weapon repair kits every three days, or 55 Med-X, steady, rad-away, etc (provided you have a high luck SPECIAL or are just really patient).

And that's only what you're supposed to get... a little footwork and patience can net you more money than you know what to do with.
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