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User Info: Feartheliving

7 years ago#1
SO according to this kid

He played a demo at a gamestop or best buy he doesn't seem to remember... I know this is probably all BS as you can see in the comment I posted but just in case I thought I'd ask. So yeah..
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User Info: solaris32

7 years ago#2
I don't even have to look and I know it's bs. There won't be a demo. Not that we need one.
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User Info: DannyMk2

7 years ago#3
I watched the first 3 minutes and if there's a demo, it would be only available if you work for a game magazine like OXM.
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7 years ago#4
Hello all, I work at Obsidian and I am currently on the developing team for New Vegas. There will not be a demo released on Xbox Live or PSN. The demo is exclusive, so unless you work for companies like OXM or IGN, you won't be playing anytime soon.
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User Info: death cloud

death cloud
7 years ago#5
*Lurks in*

^Pics or it didn't happen.

*Lurks out*
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User Info: SinisterSamurai

7 years ago#6
It's way too early for press copies to hit the mail.
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User Info: Feartheliving

7 years ago#7
So yeah thanks guys I already knew but part of me really wanted a demo. That and I kind of called this kid out and didn't want to seem like an ass if he was right.
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User Info: Feartheliving

7 years ago#8
Wow he deleted my comment, replied, and blocked me.
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User Info: friendbuddypal

7 years ago#9
Oh, lol. This hearkens me back to a time when I was about 5 and would lie about having played games that haven't been released yet.
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