Weapon Attachments

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User Info: CUB10001

7 years ago#1
When i hear people talk about Fallouts brand new Weapon Attachments all i hear about is Extended Magazines and Snipe Scopes, Im not trolling but i expect a lot more if this is going to be a worthwile part of the game

User Info: reaver894

7 years ago#2
You can mess around with bullets aswell IIRC
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User Info: Solusx2

7 years ago#3
If they do it well (which I assume they will) be for sure a worthwhile addition to the games weapons system.

User Info: VampLordAdamaru

7 years ago#4
Based on Obsidian's history with weapon attachment/customization systems, I expect there is a lot more to it than they have announced, but I won't get my hopes up too much, lest I be disappointed... But with KotOR 2 and NWN 2, they had amazing systems, so I would think they will do just as well in F:NV.
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User Info: evildarkscot

7 years ago#5
vamp i loved KOTOR2 but tshe mods sucked a little most either did same thing or were useless
i aint trying to bad mouth it i just hope they do it better it this one

and again i loved KOTOR2;)
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User Info: VampLordAdamaru

7 years ago#6
Well, yes, there were a lot of attachments that did essentially the same, or were useless, but at least they had a lot, and it was more expansive than KotOR 1.

I would think if it is as expansive (if not more so) than KotOR 2, then it will be a lot better, with actually useful attachments and whatnot.

We'll just have to wait and see though...
Sarcasm: Because even when it fails to hit home, it still makes the target look stupid.-Lucis_Ferre
(Founder - IRDC) Waiting for KH:BBS, F:NV, SW:TFU2, inF2

User Info: vangopher

7 years ago#7
from what i understand you can swap out rarer ammo, think Bioshock 2, shotguns will probably have slugs that are super accurate and powerful.
While, i think one example was swapping the grenades in the grenade machine gun with incendiary grenades.

User Info: Hay_Stack

7 years ago#8
You can choose what ammo you load into your weapons, such as standard ammo, JSP, Wadcutters, and different types of grenades. Mods include (only ones we know of): extended magazines, custom actions (could make a non automatic weapon automatic or faster loading/fire), scopes, reduced coiling time for miniguns, and turning the grenade launcher into a pump action 3-shot launcher.
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User Info: FOOTBALLfan0014

7 years ago#9
There was also a high-speed mod for the grenade machine gun.

Sounds like it would eat through your grenades quickly but thats a good counterbalance to the higher rate of fire i guess.

User Info: SkytheWiz1

7 years ago#10

If it's on par with KoToR2, I won't complain.

I just hope they don't do what Ubi Montreal did with Splinter Cell Conviction as opposed to R6: Vegas 2's customization system with weapon attachments. It was a horrible step back.

I'm also curious if weapon attachments will magically be sealed on or if they'll actually be attachments and have the ability to be removed.

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