So... Is it all fun and no romance again?

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  3. So... Is it all fun and no romance again?

User Info: SazukeEX

7 years ago#1
The Fallout games aren't known for any Romances and with thi being Obsidian I don't think there's much hope for one. I mean, it can't be that hard to get some love and appreciation in the game for the player... Right? The games are huge in scope and let you do a lot of stuff not including Romance.

Doesn't that make the world and choices smaller?

I mean, I'm still feeling cheated that they built up Amata and Sarah Lyons but it never developed beyond a maybe.
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User Info: kingcodebra

7 years ago#2
Umm.. doesn't Fable 3 come out the same day? You can play that instead of a wasteland survival game.

User Info: rtheoutlaw

7 years ago#3
It would be cool if you could have a Mass effect type love triangle thing going,

i forgot what that girls name was that lived in big town in FO-3 but she seemed like she like the main character
they should have had that more involved in the game, such as if a female show owner has a crush on your character, you recieve a big discount of every now and then they get unique updated weapons or armor for you to get

User Info: kingcodebra

7 years ago#4

User Info: Shad0w_frost

7 years ago#5
There will be a hidden romance between you and Moira (Yes she returns) when you find her wondering through the desert and as part of one of her crazy experiments she lets you plow her beanfield until you have reach deadly levels of radiation poisoning and then she gives you stimpaks and tells you to come back when you have a bigger mustache than her.... TO BE CONTINUED...

It's one of those rocky relationships but in the end i'm sure it will turn out awesome... really i do. Or maybe you will and up as a meat sack for her baby mole rats that she has been experimenting on to feed and play upon while she sensually massages your multi-nippled back moobies you have grown from the radiation. GOT MILK?

I suggest you keep your Repellent stick on hand though for when the little buggers get bigger.

Ah what it must be like to be in love :) Go get em champ ;)

User Info: rtheoutlaw

7 years ago#6
ahhhh thanks it was kind of bugging me hahaha

User Info: kingcodebra

7 years ago#7

User Info: ZanarkandZ

7 years ago#8
Why do you want romance if you can have rape mods :p ?

Now seriously, I also thought romance would good, not a cheesy real romance but maybe a possibility to have some fun with them and having them as companions, nothing more, james bond romance style ?. I would think that in a apocalyptic situation people would live in smaller groups and very attached to each member, but the Lone Wander always seemed to fail to make emotional connections, if he/she was really important to Amata she would never have taken that decision so lightly nor would his father leave him behind.

User Info: LuckNotDoWithIt

7 years ago#9
Why the hell do people want a serious romance in a survival wasteland game?!?!?

You seriously think people would be in romance mode in a time like this? More like they'd screw whatever comes along, then keep running just to survive. That's for sure how it usually goes.

User Info: whelan12

7 years ago#10
no one seen mad max 2, they dont have romance they just rape and move on lol
Sex panther : 60% of the time, it works every time.
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