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User Info: Carfo

7 years ago#1
This is probably a dumb question because I couldn't find it in a search, but how do you refill the canteen? Or tell how much is in it?
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User Info: joyce_181502

7 years ago#2
My guess is it is a 1 use thing

- Have empty canteen under Misc
- Find a water source
- Select a water source and it fills up
- Select canteen under Items to drink it
- Canteen is now empty and back under Misc
- Find a water source

User Info: sythe343

7 years ago#3
You don't, it does the drinking automatically and what it does is just make it take longer for you to dehydrate, just have it equiped. You will still need to find water sources to drink from.
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User Info: aSquareApple

7 years ago#4

I've been wondering the same thing, my character has used it about 5 times already, I'm starting to think that we don't have to refill it, which would be really cool but also kind of takes away from experiencing hardcore mode.

User Info: Ubero256

7 years ago#5
sythe is right

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