Bugged weathered 10mm pistol with laser sight

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  3. Bugged weathered 10mm pistol with laser sight

User Info: Shad0ws_Fury

7 years ago#1
I'm curious if anyone else has run across and/or heard of this issue:

Upon installing the laser sight on the weathered 10mm pistol (the pre-order DLC pistol), the weapon gets seriously bugged.

Essentially you'd know it if it happened to you without a doubt.

Here's a description: the pistol seems to be invisible when it's drawn, and the gunshot sound effect seems muted a bit. The entire screen also seems to take on a white-ish hue. There is no laser sight visible on the pistol, because it doesn't seem to exist. I can still shoot people with it, but it's somewhat hard to use properly because of the lack of iron sights (or invisible iron sights, if you prefer).

LOL I just checked out third person mode and it's totally boned. There is a red rectangular box around the character, with a raised white exclamation point on the top and bottom of the box. Very hard to describe, but that's it really lol.
Shad0ws Fury

User Info: RadiantViper

7 years ago#2
Yup, it's a confirmed glitch. I've seen a few people who mentioned it, and it happened to me. It happens with any mod on the Weathered 10mm. Looks like they just got lazy and forgot to add in those models.
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User Info: FrozenHELL78

7 years ago#3
good i thought my copy was ****ed. maybe it was because it was a dlc type gun that it wasnt fully programmed in the game

User Info: hemicuda_2000

7 years ago#4
What happened is there isn't a model or texture file for that gun with mods. They will fix that pretty quick I bet.

User Info: Shad0ws_Fury

7 years ago#5
Anybody heard when this might be fixed?

I'm sticking with my weathered 10mm for use as my silenced pistol, but it's pretty much impossible to use at the moment, and I don't want to waste mods on a standard 10mm that I'll end up selling later.
Shad0ws Fury

User Info: Zegma310

7 years ago#6
I have the extended clip on it and I am having no problems so it is not every mod that you put on it
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User Info: eagles_band

7 years ago#7

Yea the red diamond just means an asset is missing. Same thing happens in Oblivion and FO3.

User Info: stephenhrn

7 years ago#8
Is any of the other bonus pack's weapons glitched?

User Info: JosephDK

7 years ago#9
Same problem here...it sucks, because I love the weathered 10mm pistol.
Oblivion is fun.

User Info: liberaladam

7 years ago#10
Same thing happened to me. The screen turns white and while the gun is still usable in VATS you have to keep it holstered and is pretty much broken. I just sold it and started using a mod-ed cowboy repeater which I'm enjoying.
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  3. Bugged weathered 10mm pistol with laser sight

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