ED-E side quest help

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User Info: cyde121

7 years ago#1
I just repaired ED-E and took him to the junk yard directed by the "ED-D my love" quest. The quest indicator seems to be on Lady Gibson, but she has the same old dialog. Am I missing something or simply bugged? How do I continue the side quest?

User Info: ShawBrothers

7 years ago#2
From the wiki age its a known glitch. If you talk to the lady before you have ED-E it won't let you do the quest.

User Info: cyde121

7 years ago#3
Lame. Well thanks for the prompt answer.

User Info: PhilHughes

7 years ago#4
i ran into the same glitch but still managed to continue the quest later by talking to the scientist (the actual scientist, not fantastic) in helios one. i dunno if i can still beat the quest or not but i have audio log one and the quest is still active and telling me about enclave logs i have to find despite not getting the dialogue out of the old lady.

so don't give up hope.

User Info: Wolfwood44

7 years ago#5
Have you completed/gone farther in the quest? Because if that actually fixes it that's awesome and this deserves a bump if not a sticky. Anyone want to do a known glitch/fix thread? This is the only one that's given my grief.
GT: Silt44
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