(Spoilers) The Platinum Chip... Mr House or Yes Man?

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User Info: SikK_WiyT_iT

7 years ago#1
I'm well into the game after getting sidetracked doing random quests, but does anyone have an idea of who would be smarter to side with? Or would it just so happen that no matter who you side with and leave the platinum chip with will eventually turn on you? I'm just trying to see which option would be smarter to go with. Id hate for all the work I did to get factions on my good side to go down the drain just because I made a sour decision.

User Info: swanton112

7 years ago#2
im trying to decide that too i dont know if mr house is evil and if i should keep the chip for myself
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User Info: AssassinsRreal

7 years ago#3
I kept it an killed mr house

User Info: xtacb

7 years ago#4
whats the "good" path? that a "good" character would do

cause there seems like so many option i dunno what to pick

i just killed benny and got the chip,

should i return the chip to Mr. House?
or go on all those trips for Yes Man and scout out those tribes?

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User Info: Back_Stabbath

7 years ago#5
I wanna know this as well. Not sure who to side with. Ruling new vegas sounds too good to be true.
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User Info: GarrettRieks

7 years ago#6
Haha, I actually just came on here looking for the advantages to each. I'm not sure what I want to do...don't know if I can trust Mr. House.

User Info: Murasame213

7 years ago#7
I was undecided on what to do for a while as well. Keeping the chip and going with Yes-man almost makes you seem power-hungry. While Mr. House does seem like his intentions to help humankind os a whole seems genuine.

However in the same Token Mr. House does seem to be a bit more biased towards being a businessman first, and his dreams don't seem to be helping the people here and now as opposed to getting humanity technologically advanced.

In the end I decided to disable Mr. House and uploaded Yes Man to his computer. I figure if I get the tribes support I could have a more positive outcome than the Mr. House or if I were to just support the Legion or NCR.

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User Info: jameelinus

7 years ago#8
It's a gray area really.

Killing is still bad. Either way, you're doing something 'good' and 'bad.' Even though you know you want to do something good, it's at the expense of doing something bad.

I chose Yes Man because intrinsically selfish beings we are, I wanted to choose myself instead of Mr. House.

The ending was ok.

I think I want to choose the NCR to help out this second playthru or Mr House.

Mr House's dialogues are really interesting to hear. The writing and the voice actor fits. He's like an intelligent old fool. At the end, he's really coming out of his shell and starting to sound like a real menace. He wants power, a lot of it.

Like I said, I chose Yes Man (my side) and it's not as if I can control the robots after the game. The game doesn't continue.

It takes a lot of time so I say youtube the endings and see which one you want to pursue.
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