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User Info: sparda85

7 years ago#1
whats the level cap? and how often did you get to pick perks in fallout 3 i could be wrong but wasnt it every level

User Info: KSEGoblin1290

7 years ago#2
30. And yes it was every level.
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User Info: VolcKohory

7 years ago#3
Level cap is 30 and you get a new perk every other level.
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User Info: clubs10

7 years ago#4
30 and in fallout 3 you picked every level.
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User Info: Opunaesala

7 years ago#5
Level 30. You got perks every level in Fallout 3, but only every 3 levels in Fallout 1 and 2. New Vegas compromises between them at 2 levels.

User Info: Socrates06

7 years ago#6
I think the cap is 30, and yeah in FO3 you picked a perk every level, but you also leveled alot slower. In this one you get them every even level and you level fast.

User Info: sparda85

7 years ago#7
wow that changes things then, kinda dont like the every other level thing considering theres a hell of alot of perks, think they dropped the ball on this one

User Info: Opunaesala

7 years ago#8
Nope, they picked up the ball. Not every character will end up the same uber powered thing by the end. We get to specialize, and it ups the challenge. Makes it much more awesome.

User Info: sparda85

7 years ago#9
nah thats what hardcore is for

User Info: Socrates06

7 years ago#10
Or it forces you to pick the ones you think you need the most, or will be more useful to you instead of you just picking everything because you can. For example I chose the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. perk so I could boost my perception up 1 point so I could get light step the next time I leveled since I have issues losing limbs to land mines.

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