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User Info: genoagain

6 years ago#1
Tried asking this in a strategy guide topic but that didn't work so here goes.
spoilers i guess

Would like to know how to properly complete this quest.

Talking with Hsu for a peaceful solution doesn't work as once you talk to him and return to the King's he has sent a squad of NCR there which causes Pacer to freak out on the King and start blasting. Even if i blast through all the goons the Ambassador tells me the townsfolk suspect the NCR. failed.

Talking to the chick leader at Hoover Dam, shes just all lezz raged out and sends the squad anyway, which although i didn't check out, I'm assuming ends the same way.

I also tried stealth boying myself before talking to anyone and killing Pacer in his sleep but some how the King's then can blast away at me even though I'm invisible.

Thanks in advance.
There is another topic for this but no one got an acceptable answer.

User Info: genoagain

6 years ago#2

User Info: God_of_Turmoil

6 years ago#3
I'm having trouble too.

Why bother pay for game testers when Obisidian can just unleash 1 disc with all the glitches for a small price of 60$!

User Info: Umedha

6 years ago#4

No one notice the stash of box under Pacers Bed? It gives you the option to mix his jet stash with some pshyco (which i haven't found any yet), so maybe that might lead to something

User Info: alexander9

6 years ago#5
There's no stash under Pacers Bed in my game, better not be glitched on me.

User Info: Big_Silly

6 years ago#6
I sneak attack killed him with a Plasma pistol. Dudes went hostile for a second, but I just stayed in hidden mode and didnt attack them. They became friendly again and I was able to blame the crime on the Van Graffs.
Gamertag: LosingColor

User Info: undyingshadow21

6 years ago#7
Well what I did was sort of take advantage of a glitch. I followed Pacer into his room with his bed. I used a stealth boy and sneak killed him with a plasma rifle. IMMEDIATELY after you kill him choose to sleep on the bed before any of the members turn hostile and select to sleep for 13 hours. You'll take a blow to your reputation in Freeside but when you wake up, it seems like the hostility is gone. Hope that works for you.
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