Best armor???

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User Info: merrick97

7 years ago#1
I am having a hard time finding good armor in this game.

Does anyone have any advice on where I can find some.

I want armor that is strong and has a high enough abundance so that it can be easily repaired.


User Info: drkpendragon

7 years ago#2
By winning in the Gramorah (sp?) casino eventually you'll get reinforced combat armor that is pretty good for a while.
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User Info: zzenigmaxzz

7 years ago#3
gun runners and the supply store in mccarren both sell reinforced combat armor version 2, both armor and helmet
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User Info: merrick97

7 years ago#4
Anyone else?

User Info: FalloutTips

7 years ago#5
The Remnant power armor and helmet have the best DT in the game. The armor is 28 and the helmet is 8. Next to that is the T-51b power armor with 25 DT.

User Info: _SeVeReD_

7 years ago#6
How do u get the remnant power armor??

User Info: xack10

7 years ago#7
Get into Nellis and there is Combat Armor everywhere.

User Info: KudZu

7 years ago#8
What's the best light armor? I'm a sucker for run speed...

User Info: Rude_Boy

7 years ago#9
So with Enclave Armor and helmet, plus the armor implant and two levels of Toughness you can get a maximum DT of 46. Wow, that's pretty high.
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User Info: YMIHere

7 years ago#10
Sexy Sleepwear
Old Cowboy Hat

You'll be too pretty for people to attack.

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