Sudden Darkness/Blurry glitch

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User Info: Flare1787

6 years ago#1
I've been running into this issue where all of a sudden the screen will become very dark and blurry, pretty much making the game unplayable. The strange thing is that it does not affect my crosshairs/HUD. They are both the same brightness and sharpness as normal. I open my Pip-Boy and the menu text is also bright and sharp like normal, however, the surrounding Pip-Boy textures are dark and blurry like the screen. At first I thought I had some negative effect from a monster or something but I checked my status and I had no negative effects. I unequipped all my gear and put different gear on thinking that would help.This has happened to me about 3 times now and everytime it does I have to reload a previous save to before the glitch happened. Has anyone else encountered this? Thanks for the help

Heres a video of it happening:

User Info: j0kercards

6 years ago#2
Crippled head?
"I enjoy quoting myself." - j0kercards

User Info: froggybottoms4u

6 years ago#3
Check to make sure your head isn't damaged. When it is, you'll see blurry animations.
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User Info: Darque

6 years ago#4
Jill Valentine > You

User Info: Flare1787

6 years ago#5
My head is not crippled, I've checked

User Info: 13u11et

6 years ago#6
That's weird... Try installing the game. If you have it installed uninstall and then install again. Where did you get that sniper rifle on your back??
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User Info: Flare1787

6 years ago#7
Sniper Rifle I got off NCR rangers after I stealth killed them for NCR combat armor at camp forlorn hope.
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