Which ED-E upgrade should I get?

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  3. Which ED-E upgrade should I get?

User Info: AngherrShisspa

6 years ago#1
The laser upgrade or the armor upgrade? ED-E is basically fighting with the damage a bread pan could do at this point so he really needs a damage upgrade, but I heard he gets really fragile later on.
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User Info: theBridgeburner

6 years ago#2
I really don't use ED-E as a fighter, I've got another companion for that role. ED-E's just an alarm for incoming enemies. I went with the armour... now he looks all shiny.

User Info: XgArrancar

6 years ago#3
Give him the laser upgrade, if he's not dealing decent damage, he's not much help.

User Info: zX_Haloman_Xz

6 years ago#4
Well, it really depends on how you're playing, Normal, or Hardcore? If you are on Hard Core I would recommend the Defensive one, if you are on Normal, get the Damage Upgrade.

Because on Very Hard (Hardcore) poor ED-E gets destroyed by a single Night Stalker for me. His accuracy is also pretty terrible at anything other than medium-close range.

In the end, it's all up to you.
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User Info: pttp_co_nr

6 years ago#5
I got the Weapon upgrade, that being said, ED-E seems to get knocked out a lot, but he can now 1-Shot an average humanoid.
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User Info: ghstbstr

6 years ago#6

How and where do you upgrade ED-E?

User Info: Opunaesala

6 years ago#7
I got the armor, Boone with an Anti-Materiel rifle is dealing out plenty of damage with me.

User Info: Hyprow

6 years ago#8
Does he die as easily as Rex? Grr... Kept dying last night in Vault 23. Bah. No matter what I told him he kept running at the ghoul overseerer and the turrets. Took a fire.

User Info: ghstbstr

6 years ago#9

Again I ask...

How and where do you upgrade ED-E?

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  3. Which ED-E upgrade should I get?

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