Sgt. McGee has died.

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User Info: olpainless

6 years ago#1
I got that message while walking around in the desert minding my own business. Who is Sgt. McGee? I don't think I've even met the guy. And is it really bad that he's dead?

User Info: BoSSMaCC

6 years ago#2
Don't know....I think I killed him. You might lose out on on a couple quests bro

User Info: doomcrusader

6 years ago#3
I got this message while traveling pass primm. I have no clue what happened.

User Info: SyxxPakk6

6 years ago#4
Same thing happened to me while I was randomly out doing stuff. So I reloaded went back to the NCR area outside Prim where they are and after you set a sheriff in Prim the Sgt. and Lt. both just randomly start walking. I followed them and Lt. XXXX stopped in the middle of nowhere and just stood there. I kept following McGee and he led me to hidden passage / trail whatever its called and he got destroyed by a giant rad scorpion. So I have no idea, I think its another bug where he was supposed to go to a new area where you meet him again but he is too weak and can die on the way.
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User Info: Alphonsef

6 years ago#5
yeah theres weird glitches like that, once i exited a room and found that theyre were 4 mole rats and 2 dogs from the scrapyard all hostile to me, loaded it up and problem solved

this problem seems to plague me in all games, as it happened often in Fallout 3 and Oblivion D:

User Info: Darque

6 years ago#6
Just happened to me too - odd.
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User Info: Inay99

6 years ago#7
Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I had the same problem, too.

After having been to New Vegas, I was traveling clockwise through the Mojave to get to Primm. (I don't let myself use fast travel--a rule in place since my second playthrough of Fallout 3. Since I also play on hardcore, I brought a lot of water with me.) I was headed to the town to take a crack at fixing ED-E as my Science and Repair now seemed high enough. Veronica, who'd been my companion for some time, came along on the long trek.

Having successfully reached Primm and added ED-E to my party, I thought I'd finally oblige my lady friend and take her to the Brotherhood hideout as she'd requested. In real life it was already close to midnight, but I wanted to do "just one more thing" before going to bed.

A little north of Primm, I got the message that McGee was dead.

He'd been ganged up on by geckos. I'd noticed earlier in my playing that the lieutenant was missing from the camp as well; he hadn't been there to receive my report about retaking the prison.

It took a number of reloads. When I finally managed to get to the skirmish in time to save McGee, he acknowledged me with a curt greeting and started walking...north.

I was intrigued and, also by now, a little invested in his survival. Because his behavior seemed "glitchy," I was afraid that saving and turning off the console might make him disappear into thin air.

Escorted through more geckos by my party, he turned east near the Power Ganger outpost mentioned in a previous post. Luckily, if that's the word, I'd stepped on the mines in the area a long time ago. McGee got across without ado.

He seemed to be making for the Brotherhood hideout. Since that's where I was headed, I thought I'd keep on guarding him, though I needed to get up early in the morning in real life. Couldn't the man move faster? And what was his business with the Brotherhood--hopefully nothing treacherous?

But his business wasn't with the Steel siblings. He walked right across Hidden Valley and into a narrow ravine--towards "Scorpion Gulch," as I'd soon learn. Veronica's homecoming and my going to bed would have to wait a while...

Again as previously posted, seeing McGee through Scorpion Gulch is a real challenge. There's no way to heal him (that I know of) and the radscorpion encounters are many. Worse, probably due to his "glitched" state, reloading doesn't always bring him back (but re-reloading would always eventually work). I doubt I could have seen him through that nasty ghetto without the help of my companions, especially Veronica--a melee fighter and thus a natural shield.

But I did manage. At well past two in the morning real time, we made it through the ravine and could see the Helios building ahead of us.

It wasn't too hard from there. The solar-power facility, however, wasn't his destination. When his path swerved away from it in a southeasterly direction, I had to sigh, but also had a hunch as to his goal--and I was right.

When McGee finally ambled into Camp Forlorn Hope, I must say I was quite moved. It made sense. Since Primm was secure, he'd transferred to the front line! He walked to a small campfire that was flanked by some tents and a little creek, there joining two NCR lieutenants.

Imagine my awe, now: one of them was none but the missing Hayes!

If this was indeed a "glitch"--and technically, if you'd excuse the pun, it had to be, given the absence of any pertinent dialogue during the whole arduous mission--I'd gladly experience more such mishaps because those three wee hours of the morning have been, looking back on them, the most fraught of the fifty I've played so far on the game. I had no idea where it was going.

User Info: SwiftyFX

6 years ago#8
Inay, you should post your little Wasteland stories more often, you're a pretty decent writer and I actually enjoyed reading that.
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User Info: Inay99

6 years ago#9
Thank you, Swifty!

You're very kind, but I usually don't have much to contribute. This was the rare instance where I was in a position to provide info rather than seek it. Given how much this site has helped me in the past, I felt compelled to share.

Let me add that I've only suffered one freeze during my fifty hours of play so far. If that weren't the case, I wouldn't have had the store of humor ("faith" might be the word) to stick with McGee--certainly not so deep into the night. I count myself fortunate, having read many of the laments. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I've run into only one serious glitch-like situation that wasn't any fun at all, but I was able to find a way around it. Let me note it here in case someone else has had the same problem.

* mild spoiler *

The game froze on me when I tried to enter Gibson's shack with Veronica for her quest. (The first thing I did upon playing the next day was take her to Hidden Valley.) All I needed to do, after rebooting and reloading, was to ask her to wait outside; you can enter and download the data alone and exit. That triggers the ensuing necessary conversation with her just fine.

User Info: d_strangefate

6 years ago#10
I know McGee can die if you have the NCR take over law enforcement in Primm. Hayes makes him sheriff and he’ll walk right into the frag mines on the bridge between the camp and Primm. If you clear the mines, he’ll survive for at least awhile. Others here are suggesting he sometimes wanders off into the desert, so…I don’t know. Maybe he’s just fated for death.

As an aside, Meyers will also die if you don’t clear out the convicts in Primm before recruiting him at the prison. He’ll put up a fight, but if there’s more than two, they’ll gun him down. (Making me wonder what use he would be as sheriff anyways...)

Neither of these events will happen unless you’re in the area though.
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