Ammo compatibility

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User Info: BobaFatt

6 years ago#1
One of the loading screens mentioned that some types of ammo are interchangeable , e.g., a weapon that uses 5.56mm rounds can also use .223 rounds, but I can't remember what they all were and I haven't seen that screen lately. Does any one know or remember which are interchangeable and how exactly it works? Is it just a matter of using the ammo swap hot key?
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User Info: Madvillainry

6 years ago#2
i second that motion!!!! BUUUUUUUUUUUMPPPPPPPPPPP!

User Info: JulianDark

6 years ago#3
bump, also interested in that.

User Info: Swede_Blood

6 years ago#4
.38 works with .357
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User Info: jago107

6 years ago#5
I remember it said the .38 special could be used for either the .357 or .44 magnum. I'm not sure which, though.
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User Info: realblood33

6 years ago#6

there is a ammo swap key ? is that the up on d pad ? never really knew what that did, ammo management and crafting is a bit confusing in this game, i better invest in a game guide.

User Info: outlawstar289

6 years ago#7
.38 special is compatible with .357 magnum

.44 special is compatible with .44 Magnum

.223 is compatible with 5.56
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User Info: Madvillainry

6 years ago#8
So is the swap key just used to interchange with the ammo or does it automatically just add on?

User Info: Magics_Five

6 years ago#9
.223 is pretty much the same as 5.56, 12.7x99mm is also the exact same as .50 BMG.

User Info: Aggrobiscuit

6 years ago#10
I'd like to know as well, I swapped my ammo around but I couldn't get the .38 special ammo into the sniper rifle.
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