Vault 3 Underwater Area

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User Info: USNavyHooyah

6 years ago#1
How do you get to the weapons rooms in vault 3 that are underwater? There are no air pockets (that I'm aware of), and once you get there, you're dead.

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User Info: Rogu_Dingo

6 years ago#2
Get the rebreather from the Volare! quest.

User Info: SupaExtremeZ

6 years ago#3
*Spoilers, I guess? Nothing major.*

Further in the game you get a rebreather, which lets you breath underwater. I can tell you where if you want. It's part of a sidequest.

User Info: VejitaSS4

6 years ago#4
if you go to the Nellis Air Force Base there is a quest that Jack and Loyal give you that you can acquire a Rebreather from, a device that allows you to breath under water.
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