best / strongest energy weapon?

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User Info: chewbacca390

7 years ago#1
in your opinion, what's the best energy weapon? i think i would prefer the strongest pistol (or quickly shooting weapon) over the strongest per shot - but what do you consider to be the best energy weapon?
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User Info: zerobobo

7 years ago#2
im not sure.
i think the plasma defender is the best pistol
and the plasma cutter is the best rifle?

i dont use energy weapons

User Info: chewbacca390

7 years ago#3
wouldn't there be unique verisons of those weapons that are better?

and what about the gauss rifle?
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User Info: chewbacca390

7 years ago#4
GameFox > j00

User Info: TheSPP

7 years ago#5
Alien Blaster or the unique Gauss Rifle.
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User Info: torhgoth555

7 years ago#6
alien blaster (if you took the wild wasteland trait) 350 dps

User Info: Ingsmasha

7 years ago#7
YCS/186 can do over 200 damage per shot if you use max charge cells

I haven't used it but I'm assuming the tesla cannon is still ridiculously strong. It better be because it uses 45 cells instead of 1.
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User Info: drkpendragon

7 years ago#8
The YCS/186 Gauss Rifle is probably the best weapon in the game.
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  3. best / strongest energy weapon?

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