Ranger Station Charlie (possible spoilers)

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User Info: Fittmor

6 years ago#1
After speaking to Ranger Andy in Novac he asked me to check on his Ranger buddies at Station Charlie, when you arrive there it has been raided by members of the Legion and there are a couple of holotapes to listen to. Holotape 2 is a message from one of the Legion raiders which says "blah blah we hate NCR, we have taken one of the women alive"

Does anyone know where I'd go to rescue the said woman? The nearest camp I could find is the one for the Booted quest. The only other place I can think of is The Fort, which would require a helluva lot of firepower to invade.

Or is it that she doesn't actually exist?

Thanks in advance!

User Info: Mattheau

6 years ago#2
There's no specific female Ranger NPC you rescue as part of that quest. If she is alive, then she is just in part of the generic groups of Legion slaves.
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