I want a girlfriend

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User Info: dwragon90

7 years ago#21
"I just wanted this broad to help kill a damn dragon!"

wut? =[

Btw...it would have been nice if you could play FNV with a partner, doesn't have to be a gf at all (unless your actual gf has the game too) but like...any of your friends who have the game in a co-op mode. That would be ace. You could focus on science, the other on lockpick, and save a lot of skill points for other things by working together like that. =] There's really so many possibilities!

It's too bad that'd never be possible though, I bet V.A.T.S. would cause lots of problems. XD Cuz ya'know it freezes everything and that could get annoying if you're wandering around and your friend is out there spamming vats out of asap.

User Info: Dang_Old_Grec

7 years ago#22
They did that in Fallout 2 and it was AWFUL

Fallout and Girlfriends don't mix. I sure as hell know if there is a nuclear apoclaypse I wouldn't want a girlfriend. I'd be to busy pillaging and raping.
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User Info: hokies1313

7 years ago#23
That would go against what Fallout is in my opinion. Sure you can have a few partners in your party, but overall Fallout is about the singular person's experience in the wasteland. The characters are always singular entities, (Vault Dweller in FO1, The Chosen One in FO2, The Lone Wanderer in FO3, and finally The Courier in FNV. The games are about how this one person influences the wasteland through their actions. Having a girlfriend or boyfriend adds no further dynamic. You can already access prostitutes and have relationships with others, but what's the point?

If you really need to have a girlfriend in the game, I'd suggest playing the Sims, or Fable.

User Info: hamtaro3815

7 years ago#24
why would anyone want a real girlfriend?
games you just buy or rent or just get it some how and play it
you don't even have to put up with any PMS :P
and it's cheaper than prostitute
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User Info: TwStedPrinCe

7 years ago#25
"I just wanted this broad to help kill a damn dragon!"

wut? =[

I was talking about Dragon Age, look a couple of posts up
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User Info: Fritz2x7

7 years ago#26
you don't even have to put up with any PMS :P

Hey, with all the glitches this game has, whats the difference? (Bah-dum-tish.)

User Info: SyxxPakk6

7 years ago#27
I believe the TC likes the idea of a story line portion based on love / romance, so saying "get a real girlfriend" really doesn't do or say much at all and is really just stupid.
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User Info: Rude_Boy

7 years ago#28
I like this idea. There are a number of characters who have the potential to be significant others for the main character, and they even have dialogue to suggest a liaison. They all turn you down for various reasons, usually "you're not my type".

I don't see why it couldn't have been a side quest, they already have so many. It could be made to be entirely optional but still have an effect on the outcome of the game if you followed it through. And, of course, have the typical Fallout options such as using them, abandoning them, or taking the "right" path.

On a similar topic, whenever I see the prostitutes in this game I think of the diseases you could get in Oblivion and that the hookers should give you STDs, lol.
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User Info: DaShavedMonkey

7 years ago#29
my girlfriend aggravates the sh!t out of me in real life, i def dont need a video game girlfriend!

User Info: Vileaerok

7 years ago#30
"Hello fellow wasteland wanderer, what are you up to?"

"I'm on a never ending quest to save my girlfriend!"

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