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User Info: THeYama

7 years ago#1
when in the game do i find them and start doing quests for them? I'm doing the NCR quest called Kings Gambit right now
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User Info: THeYama

7 years ago#2
ohh and i sided with yes man
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User Info: ssj5king

7 years ago#3
You can either go find them and start the quests or wait about 1 or 2 more quests with the NCR and they will send you to the BoS and from there you can start the quests.
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User Info: Iceaxe0140

7 years ago#4
*spoilers I guess?*

You could go to 188 trading post and pick up Veronica to be your companion. She'll allow you to get into their headquarters in Hidden Valley (without needing 100 lockpick skill and getting off the wrong foot with the BoS upon entering). You just need to get there to start the BoS quests.

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