Volare! Quest - Plane surfacing doesn't happen

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User Info: Chica01

7 years ago#1


I'm at my witts end.

The plane won't surface. I have read a lot of forum messages and I do everything right.

I have the right detonator (Loyals detonator), the place is right (Calville Bay) , the beeping sound is there, I put the bombs under each wing of the plane. I even deinstalled the game from my HD because I thought that might help. I watched a youtube video, seeing how it's done and how it's supposed to look. I point at the water, have the detonator in hand, press a and nothing happens. I even put the aiming cross in all possible positions on the water and on the shore.

Everybody else has that problem?

I have the 360 version of the game

User Info: Thraeks

7 years ago#2
You press A? You're supposed to pull the trigger.

User Info: kyro102

7 years ago#3
You're supposed to pull the trigger TC. guess you didn't do everything right
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User Info: blizzard_beast

7 years ago#4
You didn't even attempt to pull the trigger? LMAO

User Info: Jigglybuff

7 years ago#5
I'm sorry TC but this topic made me laugh so hard. Also spoilers dude
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User Info: AndyKennedy

7 years ago#6
I did the same thing, look me about a minute to figure that I had to actually use the trigger device located in the weapons inventory.
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User Info: gm3rgirl

7 years ago#7
I'm using a 360 and my plane won't surface either, and YEAH I'm using the detonator and pulling the trigger. I spent forever trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. This must be a bug, but if anyone had this problem and knows how to fix it please help.

User Info: PsyKatty

7 years ago#8
You guys are pointing it at the right thing, yeah?
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User Info: beans_please

7 years ago#9
Yes, just because you can't figure something out, it must be BUGGED right?

Attach two ballasts, swim to shore, equip detonator, aim it at the thinggy on shore that the plane is attached to, pull trigger. It's not complicated.

User Info: Darque

7 years ago#10
Don't forget, you have to move away from the area so the detonator beeps - then you can trigger it.
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