How to get house in Novac?

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User Info: DRAK09

7 years ago#1
A friend of mine said he has a house in Novac...can anyone tell me how to get it?
GT: xSwissRollzx

User Info: This2x4Skeleton

7 years ago#2
You can just rent a room and stay there indefinitely.
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User Info: DRAK09

7 years ago#3
And what if I already had the Dino Dee-Lite lady killed?
GT: xSwissRollzx

User Info: Thunder_Cat_1

7 years ago#4
talk to the guy in the gift shop

User Info: katanajut

7 years ago#5

I just got the PC version and I've been wondering about this myself, I have a big load of loot(weapons, armor, clothes, misc). I'm 500/220 for weight and I'm walkin every where I go and I need to find a place to stash my stuff.

User Info: Wacky

7 years ago#6
You can actually get the room for free by becoming Idolized after finishing "Come Fly With Me" which is a quest for religious-crazy Ghouls.
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User Info: Vileaerok

7 years ago#7
I have a big load

I lold. Anyway you just get it for 100 caps and she just handed me the key saying it was no problem and I could have the room. Apparently I was so charming that she just wanted me to have it.
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  3. How to get house in Novac?

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