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User Info: doolittlesy

7 years ago#1

heres a perk exploit that was found by duck27 for those of here that werent here yesterday. i feel that it is fairly helpful so im just gonna try and spread it some more. heres the original post:

I don't know if this is actually an exploit but I wanted the topic to sound fancy. Anyways, I just posted this in another topic and it seems this isn't common knowledge so here goes...


You have 35 points in Melee, you're level 7 about to reach level 8 and you want to get the Cowboy Perk. However, you don't intend on using melee and don't really want to waste the points just for the Perk. Well, here's what you do...

- Once you have leveled up place 10 points into Melee causing it to go from 35 to 45.

- Place your remaining points anywhere, it won't matter in a few steps.

- Now press the ' X ' button and continue to the Perk Selection Page.

- Select Cowboy.Do not confirm/continue.

- Press the ' B ' button and you should be taken back to your skill point allocation page.

- Place your skill points where you actually want them to go butleave Melee at 35.

- Now press the ' X ' button and continue to the Perk Selection Page.


- Scroll down to Cowboy and you will see that despite it being transparent it has the little box next to it indicating that it has been selected.

- Press ' X ' to confirm/continue.

You should now have the Cowboy Perk with only 35 in Melee.

This is simply an example. It can be done with any Perk I would imagine.

So far I have done this with the Entomologist Perk and Cowboy Perk. I know for a fact that the Cowboy Perk works because I checked the damage of my Cowboy Repeater and Dynamite before and after I selected the Perk. However, I can only assume that it worked with the Entomologist Perk. I have it in my 'Perks' portion of my Pip-Boy but I can only assume it works as I did not test the damage before and after.

heres the video on how to do it:

User Info: Element_Pearl

7 years ago#2
He didn't 'find it yesterday'. This exploit has been around forever.

Still I guess it doesn't hurt to spread the news...
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User Info: SulfurMonkey

7 years ago#3
I approve of this blatant exploitation. :D
All of the true things I am about to tell you are shameless lies.

User Info: chasingmaynard

7 years ago#4

Ahhhh dammit. I wish I knew about this before level 8.

Thanks though. That will be good to know for the next playthrough.

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