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User Info: Lunar_Savage

7 years ago#1
This is a topic for roleplaying builds in New Vegas. I will be posting many, and I ask that you not post until I say otherwise. Remember, this is a roleplay build topic, not a proficiency build topic. If you strive to make the "perfect" character, please go to a different topic to discuss that, as any criticisms on what is useful and isn't will not be welcome in this topic. Other than that, feel free to discuss variations of what is posted or post your own original roleplaying build or idea. Now to kick things off...

Town Drunk

S - 9
P - 3
E - 10
C - 7
I - 2
A - 6
L - 3

You're naturally strong and can take some serious punishment (the booze helps with that somewhat). The booze over a long time has made you a friendlier person (and people enjoy your drunken exploits) and you've learned how to make the booze loosen you up instead of making you stumble everywhere. However, every other aspect of your life has suffered greatly thanks to your addiction.

Traits: Heavy Handed, Wild Wasteland (you're a clumsy fighter and can't knock someone out in one hit, but in a long fight the enemy won't know what hit'em; and you see and hear crazy stuff all the time)

Tag Skills: Melee, Unarmed, Survival (no one in their right mind would sell you a gun or rent you a room so you had to learn to make due)


Lvl 2 - Hunter
Lvl 4 - Travel Light
Lvl 6 - Bloody Mess/Toughness
Lvl 8 - Super Slam
Lvl 10 - Finesse/Animal Friend
Lvl 12 - Piercing Strike
Lvl 14 - Purifier/Adamantium Skeleton
Lvl 16 - Unstoppable Force
Lvl 18 - Paralyzing Palm
Lvl 20 - Grim Reaper's Sprint/Ninja (if you become a sneaky drunk)
Lvl 22 - Purifier/Adamantium Skeleton
Lvl 24 - Slayer (assuming agility implant)/Animal Friend
Lvl 26 - Nerves of Steel
Lvl 28 - Bloody Mess/Toughness/Action Boy
Lvl 30 - Bloody Mess/Toughness/Action Boy

You must always be addicted to alcohol (players choice of booze). Cass may be picked up as a companion for the perk as a mentor of sorts on how to drink.

You may only buy the agility implant. No others.

Money must be spent on booze first and foremost. Meaning when you get to a shop, you buy all the booze they have (if they have any) FIRST. All things secondary. Even if it means you can no longer buy what you were originally after or you might potentially starve or thirst to death. Such is the price of your addiction. I strongly recommend relying on survival to supply your needs though. You also never drop, sell, or are out of arms reach of a bottle (unless you drank your last drop). You must pick up all booze you see (unless it would be stealing and your sneak score isn't high enough).

You will be hurting for skill points. Invest in your tag skills first and foremost.

You may only sleep after you have drunk 3 or 4 (or 5 or 6 if you prefer) bottles in a 24 hour period which will constitute passing out after the last bottle. 8-12 bottles if beer is the drink of choice.

Karma: Player choice. I have started you out as an "amusing drunk". Whether you go to "obnoxious drunk" or "beloved drunk" is up to you.

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User Info: Lunar_Savage

7 years ago#2
Momma's Boy

S - 4
P - 8
E - 2
C - 5
I - 7
A - 8
L - 6

You're not very strong and you've been known to break a limb on a monthly basis, but momma always knew how to treat ya right. Too bad she died recently and left you all alone in the world. All you have left to rely on is your gut instinct and your penchant to run from danger to safety. You care for others, but the way you act sometimes makes people perceive you as strange (so more of a middle ground charisma). And momma didn't raise no fool either.

Traits: Small Frame, Good Natured

Tag Skills: Speech, Medicine, Science


Lvl 2 - Swift Learner or Confirmed Bachelor (I personally would go with swift learner...even though bachelor may fit better with the build)
Lvl 4 - Educated
Lvl 6 - Fortune Finder
Lvl 8 - Living Anatomy
Lvl 10 - Math Wrath/Miss Fortune (the ghost of your mother if you want further roleplay options)
Lvl 12 - Fast Metabolism
Lvl 14 - Light Step
Lvl 16 - Better Criticals
Lvl 18 - Tag!/Computer Whiz (for extra roleplay options)
Lvl 20 - Action Boy (make momma proud!)
Lvl 22 - Nuka Chemist
Lvl 24 - Action Boy
Lvl 26 - Finesse
Lvl 28 - Ferocious Loyalty (need CHA implant)
Lvl 30 - Spray n' Pray

You should invest primarily in your tag skills. Though guns would be a good secondary option (you'll be sticking to mainly pistols and lower end rifles). In conversations, you should always pick the oddball options if available (it should be obvious what these are), if not, you rarely say a cross word to people.

Karma restriction: Good (momma would roll over in her grave if she knew you'd been misbehavin'!)
Addictions: None (momma would be ashamed!)

Obligated companion: Lily (closest thing to a mother figure you can find)

You can not steal with this build under any circumstances. If for some strange reason, the locals get pissed off, you must always try to surrender (you're a momma's boy not a trained killer!).

Other good options here would to be to always have the radscorpion pies from the old woman in Primm on you.
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User Info: Lunar_Savage

7 years ago#3
Daddy's Girl

S - 7
P - 4
E - 7
C - 5
I - 4
A - 7
L - 6

You're a scrapper. All your life you lived with your father, and you were his little girl. You could do no wrong in his eye. You learned to fight, drink, and use guns. Never did too much with education though. It was more important to learn basics of survival in the wasteland as quickly as possible. Too bad he died recently and left you all alone in the world. All you have left to rely on is your gut instinct and your know how to defend yourself. The way you act sometimes makes people perceive you as strange, but you're friendly most of the time (so more of a middle ground charisma).

Traits: Trigger Discipline, Built to Destroy (you were taught to make every shot count)

Tag Skills: Guns, Unarmed, Repair (daddy taught you everything he knew about guns and bar fighting)


Lvl 2 - Swift Learner or Cherchez La Femme (I personally would go with swift learner...even though cherchez may fit better with the build)
Lvl 4 - Run n' Gun
Lvl 6 - Hand Loader
Lvl 8 - Commando
Lvl 10 - Finesse/Mysterious Stranger (the ghost of your father if you want further roleplay options)
Lvl 12 - Piercing Strike
Lvl 14 - Jury Rigging
Lvl 16 - Weapon Handling
Lvl 18 - Action Girl/Concentrated Fire (Purely for roleplay options)
Lvl 20 - Action Girl
Lvl 22 - Paralyzing Palm (you finally mastered the move daddy taught you when you were little!)
Lvl 24 - Center of Mass
Lvl 26 - Nerves of Steel
Lvl 28 - Ferocious Loyalty (need CHA implant)
Lvl 30 - Spray n' Pray

You should invest primarily in your tag skills. First invest heavily in guns and repair. Once they're both to 70, invest in unarmed immediately. After that, survival might be a good one to invest in to fit the roleplay.

Karma restriction: No restriction (you were daddy's little girl after all, you could do no wrong)
Addictions: Booze optional, but only booze (daddy didn't like chems)

Obligated companion: Veronica (Sometimes feels like she's the only that understands you...even if she whines about dresses from time to time)

You never take the passive route in conversations or situations. Someone's gotta come out a clear victor, and it has to be you. Daddy wouldn't take too kindly to someone taking advantage of his little girl. Even if it means pissing off the entire neighborhood. You're not the most intelligent person in the world, but it doesn't matter much when you draw your gun. Speech options taken should either be friendly (to an extent), aggressive, or strange.

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User Info: Lunar_Savage

7 years ago#4
Door to Door Salesman/Saleswoman

S - 3
P - 7
E - 5
C - 7
I - 7
A - 4
L - 7

You grew up in Nipton and had to learn to think on your feet and get along to move along. You practiced speechcraft and perfected it to an art, you can charm even the most vicious rattlesnake poised to attack. All the excessive gambling that you were exposed to in Nipton made you learn to quickly calculate your odds in any situation so you could better bring things into your favor. As you grew up, you learned however, that you wouldn't be able to rely on big bets your whole life so you took a job at the general store. There you found that your skills with the tongue also provided you with the upper hand in bartering (among other things, much to the pleasure of those of the opposite sex). Eventually, you got bored and tired of life in Nipton. Even though it will always be your home, you felt the need to leave and make your fortune with your developed skills. However, in the wastes, you discover that your physical ineptness is a serious problem. You stop in Primm to rest up and figure out what to do with your skills. While there, you happen into the Mojave Express. Where you see an opportunity to go to Vegas. What better place to use your skills!?! On your way there, you are shot in the head, and you're not sure why or when...or if it was the blow to the head at all, but you suddenly realize what you were meant to be! A door to door salesman!!!! After leaving the doc's house, you decide it's time to start on that path...and one day work your way to the door of the man who shot you.

Traits: Good Natured, Kamikaze/Wild Wasteland (player's choice)

Tag Skills: Barter, Speech, Repair (what good is a merchant who doesn't have quality merchandise?)


Lvl 2 - Lady Killer/Black Widow
Lvl 4 - Educated/Travel Light (if you care to try and boost your survival skill)
Lvl 6 - Ferocious Loyalty/Fortune Finder (I recommend Ferocious Loyalty)
Lvl 8 - Pack Rat
Lvl 10 - Finesse/Night Person* (*see below for details)
Lvl 12 - Long Haul (requires END implant obtain ASAP)
Lvl 14 - Jury Rigging
Lvl 16 - Weapon Handling
Lvl 18 - Better Criticals/Infiltrator** (**roleplay specific, see below)
Lvl 20 - Explorer (you buy a map so you know where the suckers are...err...I mean customers)
Lvl 22 - Spray n' Pray
Lvl 24 - Grim Reapers Sprint
Lvl 26 - Tag!
Lvl 28 - Scrounger
Lvl 30 - Commando/Fast Metabolism (player's choice)

You should invest primarily in your tag skills. Survival should be heavily invested in near the start if you're picking up Travel Light.

You're going to need to rely heavily on companions for this build. Super heavily. They're your guards and backpacks (until you pick up long haul).

Weapons may be a concern, but once you have weapon handling, you'll be a bit better off. I strongly recommend SMGs. Low end rifles may be an option, especially Ratslayer. The only SMG you won't have access to is the 12.7mm.

You may only receive implants for Endurance and the SPECIAL stats that start with 7.

Your goal is to sell everything not nailed down. Even if it means making several trips back and forth to a location until you've sold it all.

YOU MUST ALWAYS BARTER WITH PEOPLE WHO GIVE THE OPTION WHEN YOU INITIATE DIALOG OR COME ACROSS THEM. Even if this means you need to lose some caps in the process or have nothing in particular to sell at the moment (which means you need to buy).

Alternatively, you can specialize in selling a type of item (booze, chems, weapons, etc.) or several types and only carry those items in excess to sell.

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User Info: Lunar_Savage

7 years ago#5
Door to Door Salesman continued:

*Night Person. Only pick this perk up if you're going to be a night time salesman. Meaning you travel during the night, and sleep during the day (and I do mean sleep). This could be an interesting choice as you would then have access to some vendors cut off since they only operate during the day. Would also be a good choice if you're going to specialize in dealing Chems. ;)

**Infiltrator should be picked up if you want to roleplay a thieving salesman. You use the salesman ploy to work your way into the area. While inside, you take note of various things. This also allows you to get into those pesky safes and lets you know just exactly where they're at. ;) However, I feel something like this should be left to another build I'm working on called "Con man".

Speech options: Do whatever it takes to charm the person you're talking to (assuming you have the option). Fighting is NOT your strong suit.

Karma Restrictions: Neutral (you don't do anything unless it's clear you're making a profit off it, you have the freedom to choose good, evil, neutral for every action as long as you're making money. But on the whole, keep it neutral)

Addictions: Players choice for roleplaying purposes.
Obligated Companion: Cass (who better than an ex-traveling merchant to show you the way?)

Outfit Restrictions: Benny's Suit, Naughty Nightwear (depending on the occasion), Roving Trader Outfit, glasses optional, any hat giving +1 PER or the Roving Trader Hat, 1ST RECON BERET OFF LIMITS.


Play a traveling Vacuum salesman. Meaning you may only sell vacuums you find in the wasteland. Of course, you might need to expand on various miscellaneous items as I can't remember how many vacuums can be found.

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User Info: Lunar_Savage

7 years ago#6
Wild Child

S - 7
P - 3
E - 8
C - 5
I - 4
A - 6
L - 7

After implants (should try to obtain ASAP):

S - 8
P - 4
E - 9
C - 6 (get this one first)
I - 5
A - 7 (get this one second)
L - 8

You grew up in the wastes and learned everything about it. You never knew your parents. They were killed when you were just a baby. You were raised by raiders until you were in your mid teens and then when you were tired of their constant bs, you left and struck out on your own. Ever since, you've learned to be a part of the wasteland. You know how to live off it, survive in it, and you feel at home. Sadly, you are not as perceptive as most, and your lack of any education beyond basic survival techniques, put you at an extreme disadvantage.

Traits: Built to Destroy, Loose Cannon

Tag Skills: Melee, Survival, Unarmed/Explosives*

*If you tag explosives, it is solely to reach the requirement for Heave, Ho! If you take Heave, Ho, only invest until you meet the requirement. After that, invest all points to Melee, Survival, and Unarmed or Sneak. These are the 4 skills you'll need the most.

Tag Skills start as follows:

Melee - 35
Survival - 37
Explosives - 27

You will gain 12 points per level. Only invest 3 points at level 2 into Explosives. After that, invest in solely Survival until it reaches 70.


Lvl 2 - Hunter/Heave, Ho! (Take Heave, Ho! if you tagged Explosives)
Lvl 4 - Rad Child
Lvl 6 - Entomologist
Lvl 8 - Lead Belly
Lvl 10 - Animal Friend (CHA implant)
Lvl 12 - Animal Friend
Lvl 14 - Rad Resistance
Lvl 16 - Piercing Strike (assuming unarmed only investment until it reached 70)
Lvl 18 - Unstoppable Force (assuming immediate investment in melee only after unarmed hit 70)
Lvl 20 - Ninja/Grim Reaper's Sprint (depends on requirements met)
Lvl 22 - Purifier
Lvl 24 - Slayer (should have AGI implant by now)
Lvl 26 - Nerves of Steel
Lvl 28 - Rad Absorption
Lvl 30 - Adamantium Skeleton/Fast Metabolism/Life Giver/Night Person/Finesse/Paralyzing Palm/Travel Light (all players choice, all roleplaying based for the most part. Enjoy)

I've already covered skill distribution.

Weapon Restrictions: Blunt melee weapons and Thrown weapons only. Yay spears. Anyway, you may only result to unarmed abilities IF you are out of things to throw and your melee weapons are broken.

Get implants ASAP.

You are not much of a conversationalist, and prefer to get to the point and heart of the matter. Lots of long words and unnecessary words irritate you and are viewed as a waste of time. What matters is the here and now.

Karma Restrictions: Neutral or Evil. Your primary concern is yourself. Helping others is nice, but only if there's something in it for yourself. Sometimes, you must do what will piss others off to ensure your own survival. If the situation calls for actions where it might be "gray" or your own survival is not in danger, then it is up to you and how you are feeling at the time.

Companion: Rex.

You DO NOT BUY FOOD OR WATER. You live off the land (what you prefer to eat is up to you, in my build, the preferred food is insect). If you need to cook something, use the survival skill. You may buy any blunt melee weapons or thrown weapons. Medicine is optional, but why buy it when you can make it? Stimpaks being the exception.

Addictions: Player Choice

Outfits: Raider type armor. No heavy armors.

If it seems like I missed something, feel free to point it out.


Future ideas I will be posting include: Bookworm, Lucky Bastard, and Conspiracy Theorist.
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User Info: Austendude

7 years ago#7

S 3
P 10
E 3
C 5
I 10
A 5
L 10

User Info: blutoblutarskyX

7 years ago#8
gamefaqs troll:

S: 1
I: 0
L: 10 (lucky they havent had thier ass beaten if they act that way in real life).


Flame Shield
Duality- (allows them to be in two places at once througn multiple accounts)
Uncontrollable Oral Flatulence

User Info: Fox1012

7 years ago#9
I've seen much better.

Also, I don't really like the idea of "This is your character, you have absolutely 0 options in customization. Let me play the game for you."
I like just the basic personality types, there's a tread going around with that already.
GT: Fox122

User Info: Lunar_Savage

7 years ago#10

From: Fox1012 | #009
I've seen much better.

Also, I don't really like the idea of "This is your character, you have absolutely 0 options in customization. Let me play the game for you."
I like just the basic personality types, there's a tread going around with that already.

I clearly said feel free to discuss variations. :/ If clarity is needed, feel free to use variations as well.

You may also feel free to post just general roleplaying ideas. This is a free for all roleplaying topic. Use what you feel like using.
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