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Getting Goodsprings to idolized

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User Info: Sorceress Knight

Sorceress Knight
6 years ago#1
I just started a new character and for the first time out of 4 characters I actually saw there's a "Goodspring Settler" running around during the Introduction Quest with Sunny Smiles... I talked to that NPC for the first time and what happened... she said something about being happy I saved her from the Geckos and raised my reputation to accepted ending the whole questline at Goodsprings with a reputation of Idolized (instead of liked).

For everyone missing the same NPC this might be a hint, to me it raises another question:

Is there any possibility to find this NPC later on?
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User Info: SpoonInBowl

6 years ago#2
She lives with Sunny and Trudy. It's the house directly in front of (so East) the school. She just stays in that house for the remainder of the game.

User Info: Basil_Evenstar

6 years ago#3
Well, in higher difficulties it is not always easy to save her. When the quest has me go to the second and then third well, I will usually rush the third well immediately and I can usually save her then. Sunny can usually handle the second well on her own.

User Info: Renegade_Zero

6 years ago#4
lol I didn't know you can "miss" her. I always get to save her, and yeah she lives with Sunny and Trudy in their house.

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User Info: jman427

6 years ago#5
Yeah, I noticed her the first time. She's died from those geckos. The best way I find to save her is to run to the cliff behind where the second group of geckos are and drop down, I always been able to save her this way.
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